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Is your Love Partner a Player? Tarot help for the love partner wanting to bring back the magic of a love attachment lost with time.Go to Lost Love

Breaking Fate Carried from Past Lives.- How fate carried from past life can control our destiny. How to break past life love, revenge, judgmental and other fate: vows, pacts and judgments. Go to Past Life Fate

Relationships and Soulmates.- What type of Karma influences our relationship life path? Infidelity, love addiction, submission, power - dependency, and retribution aspects of Karma. Has access to a description of some Karma types of love relationships and their implied lessons for spiritual growth.Go to Karma

How to Gain Emotional Freedom.- Understanding and using our psychic power for emotional freedom and mind control. Introduction to psychic methods to unleash your mind power. Go to Mind and Psychic Power

Love Relationships: Divining the Energy Bond.- Shows divining insight toward the reconciliation chances in love relationships through divining over the affective energy bond of relationships. Go to Love Reconciliations

How Drama Intrudes Into Some Relationships.- How a soap opera drama my intrude in your love relationship. Its signs and access to the use of psychic methods to solve this relationship situation. Go to Drama Into Relationships

Spell Casting. Understanding and Practice.- How casting spells work, the theory behind casting spells, the how to of casting spells. With access to how money spells and all other spells are engineered or channelled into reality explaining the magic of rituals. Also access to see how magic and spells change what is inside and outside the mind with the use of images and objects becoming energy channels, includes Psychic attacks.Go to Casting Spells

Prosperity Spells.- How your inner mind can engineer your money spells into reality. Free money spells with ritual tools, ritual objects, and use of full moon rituals. Go to Free Money Spells

Love Spells.- How love spells work: magic, rituals and objects for casting love spells. Free spell for casting into a common love relationship situation. Love Spells

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