Is a Soap Opera Drama Intruding into your Real Love Relationship?


This article exposes how some relationships are driven by the addiction to drama instead of healthy love feelings, going nowhere out of the drama circle.

The addiction to drama manifests in many relationships. Its addictive aspect refers to an ongoing need to live unhealthy and unsafe emotional intensity into relationships.

This may be a desire to live a life style like there appear in many soap operas and movies. The soap operas and movies ussually awake emotions that are rather extreme, and the effect for some people is that they may intend to carry to real life what they see there and tailor their own TV drama or novel into their social space. They may like to "recruit" actors to play their drama. One way to do it is through love relationships, but the possibilities go to practically all areas of relationships: friendship, family, work, neighborhood, clubs, acquaintances, etc. We concentrate now in what refers to love relationships.

This love relationship drama addiction starts due to the adrenaline liberated by the relationship dramas making for wildly exciting and intense relationship situations. Then the tailoring for new dramas continue.

The drama addicts usually confuse some "exciting" relationship situations with love. The type of relationship to satisfy this addiction may have some or all the ingredients below:

 ·  repeated intense conflicts where there is 
    yelling, screaming, throwing things, and also 
    physical and verbal  abuse    
 ·  frequent lying and cheating, withholding of 
 ·  frequent breakups reaching dramatic intensity 
    to later enjoy intense and passionate make-ups    
 ·  betrayal of trust, emotional affairs, physical 
 ·  spying on each other
 ·  lack of or poor limits for intrusion on the 
    social space of each other
 ·  frequently reaching ecstasy and despair in 
    their shared emotions

What happens when the partner no longer supplies the "high" that liberates the adrenaline discharge that makes for the drama addiction? Abandonment occurs because the people involved feel that their emotional needs are not met, making them feeling emotionally alone, that they must find someone else to satisfy the drama addiction that makes them feel "alive" in a relationship.

This addiction involves love, parental ones, brothers, sisters and other family members, work and businesses, and even acquaintance relationships.

When someone feels continuously the need to create drama in their life and relationships, this is often due to the need to compensate for some emotional conflict creating emptiness and unhappiness, maybe within the limits of depression. Is it that these people only feel alive when they feel the adrenaline rushing within them while creating messy situations?

If you come from a drama background in your family, your mind may be set to share the same with someone with a similar background.

Once you realize that the apparent love in reality is a drama addiction, and that you stay with your partner because he/she supplies for the drama, not because of love, then you initiate the healing that will allow you to live a true love.

The need to leave the relationship for a healthy one may become evident at this stage. The new healthy relationship will not have the intensity of the former one and will have the drama replaced with honesty and repeated kindness nurturing reciprocal love.

You can avoid this type of problems when you know in advance what situations can happen ahead and how you can handle them.

I can supply you with psychic techniques to create a loving and rewarding life with your partner.

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