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Dealing with Demanding People
Conflicts arises when you encounter insensitive or arrogant people who make demands without realizing what the financial, emotional, or other cost may be to you. One way to handle this type of human situation is to clearly let them know what the cost for you their demand means. If they understand, then probably they will withdraw their demand or try a fair deal. Otherwise you might have to consider whether it is worth to loose time keeping a good personal relation with them.

Indecision is usually exhausting and futile. It is exhausting when your thinking becomes blocked by fears. And it is futile when it delays your direct path to success or the learning that comes from the failures before success is achieved. When in doubt, probably it is better to ask yourself what you fear about your decision.

Mental Blocks as Fear Effects
People frequently limit themselves through fear. Usually fear comes from facing the unknown. Psychic and spiritual development is all connected with breaking through the fear barriers. Fear is the block which stops our energies from flowing the way we want.

Affirmations and Visualizations, Personal Protection of Your Mind
Affirmations are a very good protection. The right ones can help you to change damaging patterns of thought. Many of those patterns are induced by negative experiences that do not fit your present reality; others might be induced by negative comments, attitudes from someone else, or any other perceived negative energy from people. One like "I am open to the best. I manage to get what I want. I choose what to think about myself", can prove helpful. Also visualizations of a positive energy field surrounding you can help to create a sense of protection. You can influence your inner mind so you are in control at all times, this is the key issue about mind protection.

What you send out will be returned to you in kind. Caring and consideration for others are values most of us consider as having high importance. If this kind of energy fills the thoughts we transmit, the essence of the thoughts returning to us will be caring and considerate.

Personal protection
By the same reason you decide whom to let into your home you can decide what to let into your consciousness. It is important to remember that you are in control at all times. Our projective and perceptive skills are interacting all the time, but most of us are unaware of the subtle ways in which we influence each other in our inner minds.

Using your Psychic Energies
You can mobilize your psychic energies to get back to your balanced state of mind after dealing with difficult people like the ones who are upset, frustrated, disrespectful, or under any negative state of mind affecting their social relation with you. Also, you can mobilize your psychic energies to handle any setbacks negating your success in your career, job, social activities, relationships, and any other area that you care for. I can help you to use your psychic defenses for a better life. Discovering your psychic energies can be one of the most powerful and enlightening experiences of your life.

Overcoming Fear of Change, How to Start It
Why to be afraid of changing things within your own space? Move the furniture, alter the lighting, or put other type of music, put up different drawings or posters, try another plant, move crystals into different locations. Avoid your energy from becoming stagnant. Welcome change and learn from it. Your personal success depends on it.

New Ideas
There is a wonderful saying by William James: "A new idea is first condemned as ridiculous and then dismissed as trivial, until finally, it becomes what everybody knows".

Self Awareness
Have you ever felt you have a 'sixth sense' or intuition and you've found it difficult to explain? Do you still feel something is missing, like a deeper, more spiritual meaning to your life? These issues and much more take you into the realms of greater awareness; I can show you how to uncover your own true potential, using both meditative and physical exercises that will transform your life while also having a positive effect on everyone around you.

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