Replacing a Negative for a
Positive Thought Process
to Avoid Emotional Distress

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A positive thought can be fed into our inner mind with the use of affirmations and visualizations. A positive thought we choose can be based in the fact that we can control our own expectations about how people should behave towards us. Suffering comes when those expectations are not met. By example, if we expect people to smile back at us every time we smile at them, when it is not so, we suffer and later usually realize that by not smiling back those persons were showing their own way to be at the moment, or at every moment, and not having a discriminative attitude towards us (just being unhappy, angry, distracted, in an ill mood and reacting towards the outside world accordingly, not against us or our expectations). By using the proper affirmations and visualizations we can end up creating the habit to instantly understand those human situations in their real perspective before the emotional negativity develops.

Our expectations mean our emotions follow the result of our judgment on whether they are met or not, and if not, how bad it reflects on us. After a negative judgment what moves in our mind is a system of thought process learned in the past that moves our negative emotions making us feel hurt and make our body react accordingly with the intensity of the pain. If a pattern of emotional response of this type is repetitive, it is likely to control our emotional life for the worst most times and, to stop it, we will require to replace our system of thought process behind the emotional response for one that is consistent with our real social practice and own best interest. We can change the way we think about the world outside of us by dealing with the levels on our mind holding it: the subconscious, conscious and over soul mind.

As those negative and unrealistic systems of thought are something that have been learned in the past, either in early childhood or later, or before we were born, in our past lives, you can take a look at our site on judgments as fate carried from past lives and learn more reading it and navigating over the related articles linked there. Also you can take a look at our positive thinking and mind rewiring site. You can consult with me, Psychic Erika, to know about the psychic methods you can use to handle negative patterns and stop giving power to people, events, places and any other things that negatively affects your happiness and success.

There are psychic methods to help you to avoid emotional suffering and improve your life. I can teach them to you:

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