Love Relationships: Divining the Energy Bond - Reconciliations.

By relationships, in general, we mean persons in our social space with whom we have interactions that are frequent or that somehow will continue despite of not being frequent (due to physical distance, by example). During all our life, our energy interacts with the energy of others. As the shared interaction imply an emotional or affective love to varying degrees of intensity, positive, neutral and negative, divining our relationship situations is helped by sensing the nature and intensity of the energy present in the shared bond. There appears your own side of the bond and the one of other or others.

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Can the strength of an energy bond tell if a relationship is likely to last a long time, even a life time?

It depends on the handling of the shared energy bond by each person in the relationship and the purpose of the relationship projected into the future. The strength of an energy bond does not determine by itself the lasting of a relationship nor the lasting of the relationship by itself determines the energy bond strength. Divining things like the amounts, type of energy the persons put into their relationship bond and the handling of the bond by both can tell about its lasting. One important aspect of the handling is the way the rupture situations are likely to be solved when they occur in the shared life path. By this reason, some relationships may have finished long ago, but have a strong enough intensity towards reconciliation when rupture situations occur by at least one of the partners. Divining over this aspect, the potential energy towards reconciliation, is likely to tell about how long the relationship will last and if you are dealing with your soul mate since the energy bond between soul mates ranks very high in intensity towards reconciliation under break up situations.

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