Breathing Techniques, Tips

You can greatly improve your spiritual and physical well being by having proper breathing habits. You can avoid being a victim of your own negative emotions with the use of breathing techniques.

Unhealthy Breathing Effects in your Mind and Body Health

Most of us have an "average" breathing rate of 11 to 15 times a minute (faster than a healthy one). By doing this we take quick, shallow breaths from the top of our chest. This way reduces the level of carbon dioxide in the blood and causes the arteries to constrict reducing the flow of blood throughout the body and the brain. In this case, no matter how much oxygen we get into our lungs, our brain and body have a shortage of oxygen. The lack of oxygen has an undesirable effect in the nervous system making us to become tense, anxious, and irritable. No wonder this breathing also reduces our ability to think clearly, and tends to awake negative and obsessive thoughts and images.

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This over ventilation tends to magnify our emotional conflicts and when it is a chronic habit intensifies our fears. The way to get a healthy breathing is to do a breathing that will balance the equilibrium between oxygen and carbon dioxide avoiding all the negative effects explained above.

The use of appropriate breathing techniques can greatly help us for relaxation and fighting stress. Those techniques use deep breathing in a way that releases the unnecessary tension in our back, belly, and ribs. Notice that the wrong deep breathing often results in a faster and shallower breathing making us more nervous.

One of the breathing tips that we recommend to our followers of psychic healing, an easy one, is using our breath for relaxation. Just lengthen your exhalation. It's like when you naturally sigh. The long exhalation triggers a relaxation response on your parasympathetic nervous system, All you have to do is to make your exhalation longer than your inhalation. Just concentrate on your breathing as you exhale, feel the air going upward and out slowly through the nose. Do not worry about the inhalation, it will come naturally.

A healthy and optimum breath rate is six breaths a minute, well below the usual resting breath rate of 11-15 times a minute . Practicing good breathing habits has a great benefit for our health and emotional well-being.

Unfortunately, some people make breathing practices that are inappropriate, that can be even dangerous. In general, when we start our breathing exercises it is very important to know whether a particular way to breathe is beneficial for our mind and body. You have to feel better shortly after the exercises and know that those are proven as beneficial for long term practitioners.

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