Stress Reduction Article: Psychic Methods, Healing

Stress have been exposed in several ways by countless writers and specialists. In this article I examine it from an esoteric point of view and show the use of psychic and spiritual healing methods to cope with stress.

A healthy stress can be your ally to handle the changes you face in your daily activities. But when the limits of stress that you can put up emotionally and physically with are excessively intensive and prolonged, the fate aspect of stress starts to grab space in your destiny by leaving part of your life handled by the negative effects of stress on you, the negative ones that we can call destructive energy vibrations.

Once you reach that limit, how can you turn the clock in your favor and still keep the pace required to come ahead in life? One solution is to avoid activities that result in stress, but that is not a likely solution for most of us all the time. Other solution may be to handle the emotional aspect of stress that create the undesirable effects in our body and soul by training our inner mind.

There are esoteric methods to bring the necessary inner mind understanding and physical ability to cope with stressful situations. Stress starts in your mind and the degree of stress for individuals under the same conditions vary enormously depending on how their minds handle rush, continuous effort, fatigue, lack of control over situations, opposition of others, sleep disturbance, pain, social obligations, demands being made on them, brain chemistry malfunctions, fear, anxiety, depression, and many other things of the like.

What causes stress does not matter as much as the way you react to it. And the way you react is triggered by our own mind, many times, from some emotional understanding that is unreal. That's why we find later that what was worrying us was not worth the stress we took while handling or standing it. One common issue about this is what we can be thinking other people will negatively think of us if our handling does not meet their expectations. This is fear coming into anxiety which is something that can greatly add to the stress load.

How to change the way our mind handle stress to avoid overstress? The psychic methods can be used to work with your brain and blood chemistry through breathing, relaxation and your chakras. Also, the use of positive thinking can help to avoid the negative thought patterns that accompany our stress load. The use of past life regression can help us to understand how past life fate can be influencing our mind towards the worst stress wise. Also casting spells may help to channel your energy and handle your stress load.

And I mention this apart because of its particular importance for handling our emotional understanding. A definite and healthy change in what we understand emotionally about stressful situations must fit our whole mind functioning and that greatly differs from positive thinking and other techniques to work with your inner mind. I can teach you this along the rest exposed above focusing in your particular feedback.

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