Karma, Life Path Aspects

There are several important aspects of people's life that are influenced by their karma. Your karma can affect your love relationships as well as all your relationships, your work, career, power position, marital situation, wealth and poverty situations, finances, personal abilities, to name some of those aspects.

Also karma is associated with fate carried from past lives.

Your Relationships and Karma.-
The interaction between your karma and relationships starts with our childhood family relations and goes into all our relationship life. It becomes projected into our social space of relationships where we learn about human situations and all lessons in life. All our relationships are likely to occur within our social space influenced by our karma, and it is within this space where we eventually get in contact with those special others, including soul mates, through karmic connections and learn with them some fundamental lessons.

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Soul Mates.- The most special ones within the scope of karmic connections are the soul mates. Those mean a personal compatibility that is well above the rest of people within our karmic connection.

Relationship Learning.- What is common in all the relationship learning through our reincarnations is that every particular relationship is chosen to grow within and know how to develop a full attachment and also learn how to break free from one that meant a bond from past lives not implying duration for the relationship.

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All the learning process in relationships involves trials and errors before the necessary growth, development and evolution is completed. The difference in spiritual level may mean for one or both of the partners an imbalance leading to unhappiness, depression and hard setbacks, even tragedy for the relationship despite the strong feelings involved. But the end result tends to be that both partners internalize the lessons from their shared experiences, each one in their own way.

Some Types of Relationship Karma.- Love addicts, victim-victimizer, rescuer-rescued, persecutor-persecuted, dependency, retributive, infidelity and betrayal are terms related to those types. To see about these go to Karma and Relationship

The karmas we have seen so far are of the negative types. Solving them requires a learning through lessons that will change their make up within our inner mind converting them into their opposites, positive ones. The important thing here is the change of their negative mental patterns, and, fortunately, you can use psychic methods to work with your mind to achieve that.

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