Free Money Spells

Free money spells, or any other types of individually tailored spells at a cost, can be used better by understanding the principles behind. For spells casting concepts: money spells, casting

Free money spells as the free ones that appear here are not individualized.

Free money spells caution: there is no point in expecting them to just work by themselves with the person doing nothing out of their pure wish, not taking action in the real world.

Paid money spells have the same caution, also require action into the real world.

Free money spells and the non free ones are channelled into the real world. Click here to see how: ritual spells.

Here are some free objects and free rituals that are used to do them. The free objects that follow are believed to be attached to our inner mind convictions in ways that help the rituals to channel our prosperity rituals.

The use of scents like Bayberry, Cinnamon, Hyssop, Tangerine, Mint are considered as very popular to help rituals for prosperity in all its forms.

Candle magic is used as a popular method for monetary prosperity. You can add on oil scents to power it more. Green candles are usually preferred for prosperity and its spells.

For rituals to attract good fortune for businesses you can use Peony.

To obtain material things, Vervain is believed to help.

Free money spells, as the ones below can be done including the use of the above money spells related objects combined with the rituals and specific objects recommended to symbolize money in a direct way.

The Moon magic can be of great help to move our esoteric convictions and energize the channeling during the full Moon phase. A ritual could be done exposing money objects for spells like checkbooks and wallets to the light of the Full Moon.

Money spells are believed more powerful to attract money by writing your checks under the light of green candles and while burning incense and saying some phrases affirming your call for monetary prosperity.

A simple ritual is to just carry prosperity amulets. By example, wrapping them with a green cloth some herbs (poppy, saffron, lavender, basil, cinquefoil) with a silver coin and tying it with a gold ribbon and carrying the wrapping with you as an amulet.

You can have the power of the tarot cards to divine the rituals and objects most appropriated for the type of casting to use in your individual case.

There are psychic methods to help you to increase wealth. These can be used during and after your rituals, even without them if you prefer so. You can write to Psychic Erika to know more:


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