Past Life Fate Brought
to our Present Life

This article goes into how people's life path can be changed for the better by breaking past life vows, past life pacts and past life judgments carried from past lives.

The principle behind this is that from the present, the now, people can command their future in their own best interest and that at the same time, somehow their destiny can be commanded differently, against their own interest, by some occult aspect within their own minds. These occult aspects we now refer them as favoring fate or plainly giving fate a dominant role in someone's destiny. They may be carried from a past life or several of them until in one of our reincarnations, including our present life, we realize of their negative influence and brake them for good.

The concepts we describe here do not rule out the possibility of fate being carried from early childhood rearing, other developments of our social life after childhood, and genes inheritance. Anyway, the fate caused by vows, pacts and judgments almost always has its base in the subconscious mind where all our memories are for our past lives and our present life.

Fate can be driven by past life vows, pacts and judgments and this means that someone's future can be commanded by fate due to the power of those fate carrying situations.

For many aspects of our lives we may come well equipped from past lives, from the genes we inherit from our parents and because of their right rearing. On other aspects we come not very well equipped and that means fate has more room to control our future in certain particular areas of our life path.

Many people have made vows, pacts and judgments during their past lives. For some of them the problem is that those actions went far beyond than a simple wording or momentary thought and took them completely into their present and future lives. As examples of vows we have the vows of poverty, silence, chastity, celibacy, suffering and purity, having the defined duration of the rest of a life time. Other vows may have been about an everlasting love or for revenge against other person or persons crossing the limit of a life time.

A vow done under a strong intent can carry over to following past lives or future lives with no limit for its duration. In this way the same type of fate becomes recurrent over a string of consecutive lives. For example, as an effect of a revenge pact we may keep playing revenge all the time, past, present and future, and never let it go. All those prior past life revenge vows or pacts can restrict our freedom to choose our destiny for the better. In other words, those pacts or vows are likely to give fate a firm grab at every present time, thus making a part of our destiny to be compliant with a certain type of fate.

What a psychic can do to help you to break fate carried from past life in the form of vows, pacts and judgments, so people become free to create the life they want today? I, as a psychic, can investigate the root of those aspects in order to allow people to be free of them and achieve the happiness and harmony they deserve.

Break Past Life Fate, Press Image
Break Past Life Fate

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