Interpreting Dreams.
Past Lives and Psychic Healing


How the Past Lives Regression, Tarot, Palmistry, allow to interpret dreams?

How to use Psychic Healing after interpreting dreams to change people's life paths in their best interest?

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Interpreting Dreams: What Dreaming Means

Dream interpreting can be based on your life experiences, past and present, to reflect how you emotionally understand those experiences. Also they contain an understanding about your own future because your inner mind anticipate your future as something consistent with some past experiences and its understanding about them.

Interpreting dreams is difficult because they might mean many different things. To understand them you must find hidden expressions brought by subconscious issues; it requires to unravel their symbolic language. While dreams happen, your conscious mind usually gets a bare glimpse on what lies within your inner mind. There is help for reading into them, one good help comes with
Past Lives Regression plus other psychic tools (Tarot Cards, Palmistry).

Are dreams related with personal successes or failures, negative and positive character traits? Somehow they can be helping success, or sabotaging success. What if some dreams instilled irrational fears conveying its negative emotional charge toward some daily activity without you realizing about it? When it happens, an individual can just feel an emotional difficulty even when its own intelligence tells clearly that there is no reason to have it. Usual results for this are unnecessary setbacks, failures, while trying to accomplish goals or any activity, specially social activities. (Visit Psychic Healing)

A dream example could be that somebody dreams about a big ocean wave and suddenly have to swim against it. As next step it could be that the crest of the wave hits his head. It would give an impression that the wave's crest is "knuckling" his head as some parents do with their children to punish them. Isn't that this type of dream is reflecting a fear brought from childhood? If this dream goes on making such person feel violently drowned, this dream might be reflecting a death fear making this person feel the emotions of a situation confronting death. We can call this dream as containing an emotional death recall. If this fear accompanies a person confronting daily situations it would make its life much more difficult than the rest of people facing the same situations.

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