How to Gain Mind Control and Emotional Freedom Using your Psychic Power


Our psychic abilities can be developed to take control of our destiny. The power to control our present make us able to control our future. For each one of us, the present is what happens within our mind and outside of our mind now.

Psychic Power means action in the Present: How long can it last this now or present allowing us to control our future? From the point of view of controlling our future it can last from the moment you can have control over something causing or having an effect in yours and other people's life and things, to the time where that possibility becomes something of the past, which is a time where you have no control over it at all. Our psychic power can be used in our present, the now, to allow our emotional freedom to continue for the rest of our day and entire life.

For us with esoteric knowledge and practice, we know we can develop our psychic skills and use them to control our emotions, feelings and thoughts and become winners in our own terms of success and happiness.

Let's see what happens with our feelings, emotions and thoughts. They can become causes and effects within our mind and outside our minds (other people and things).

Our feelings, emotions and thoughts become causes and effects toward our own success and happiness, from minimal to dramatic degrees of importance. We have the power to control them towards our success and happiness when they merge into the now, which is always our point of power. Whether we use our point of power in our own benefit or not, is entirely up to us. Our emotions, feelings and thoughts can come apparently from nowhere (unconsciously) or from what we are conscious about and aim at. We can use psychic methods to handle them.

Let's see when suffering merges into our present and is caused by other people. We refer here to the common resulting emotional suffering when someone hurts our feelings as a result of their conduct provoking anguish, guilt, humiliation, fury, frustration, mental distress or any other emotional suffering.

In this case, who is to blame for my emotional pain? The usual point here is whether or not we give control to other people to influence our state of mind. Why to give others control of our state of mind towards feeling happy, loved, important, accepted, etc.? If within your mind you do give control over you to others, the result will be that you will frequently suffer for reasons that later prove not valid. In this case we would find ourselves in the situation that if they wouldn't have said or done this or that we would not be suffering. Do you want to give others control to unbalance your feelings in such a way that just a simple word or glance will uncomfortably alter your facial expression, your breath, stomach tightness and heart pulse.

You can visit the site linked below to see more into understanding the mind control for emotional freedom and see an introduction for the esoteric methods that apply.

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Methods for Emotional Distress

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