The Conscious and Subconscious Mind Integration

What most explains the destiny, happiness and success of people is the integration between the conscious and subconscious mental levels.

In general, it is from the subconscious where our destiny, our success and happiness, is determined. For better or worst.

The adaptation to our real social practice is the key issue here. The way we adapt to our social reality is threaded in the subconscious. Our body language is almost purely subconscious. The mental synthesis allowing us to quickly understand a real situation also has an important subconscious component. Intuition is an example of it.

Both mind levels partner themselves to adapt to our real practice. These partners, we can call both mind levels as partners for life, both unite to solve our practice in a way that is unique for each person. The way to do it differs from person to person. In front of the same situation, you can see reactions on people that range from no difference in their reactions to reactions that are quite the opposite. What lies behind this is that solving our real practice means our life preservation towards the reality we face, and farther than that we find the differences on success and happiness for the persons we can compare. This varies importantly for people. The more integrated our mind levels are, the more we pass over the level of subsistence and the more able we are to channel our own destiny in our best interests.

The way self-sabotage occurs is mainly explained by conflicts between the subconscious and the conscious. These type of conflicts can sabotage all you want to achieve, be this matters of love, money, social success, health, etc. From the perspective of past lives interpretation, to a large degree, the Karma determines how the levels of the mind interact and how free or restricted we are because of our own self sabotage.

Below I refer you the ways of how to change this interaction between both mind levels.

The roots of Karma come from the past. Those roots cannot be changed because you cannot change the past. But yes, you can change the content of your inner mind that was originated by your Karma. This is achieved, generally, with the lessons we learn through our lives. Thanks to those lessons we come to a better understanding in our personal relationships, our social space, and of ourselves, thus achieving a superior spiritual development.

What is important here to notice is the learning that is threaded in our inner mind or subconscious starting from our conscious perception.

I highlight here the importance of the communication with the subconscious mind. A person can pass through very hard lessons in life, but if his subconscious is not in condition to assimilate (learn from) those experiences, then the experiences will serve that for nothing. By the contrary, other persons quickly assimilate the lessons of life. Does it mean that they are more clever? No. They are lucky to have both mind levels well integrated, the conscious and subconscious levels; the communication between these "partners" (we could call them this way) works well for those persons. For the others, those "partners" cannot agree between themselves because their communication is conflictive. People's success and happiness is explained by this integration between the conscious/subconscious levels of the mind.

The Negative Karma's effects imply a disagreement between our "partners", the conscious and the subconscious. This impedes the constructive communication between these levels of the mind in varying degrees. To achieve our liberation from the Karma's negative effects it is needed to solve the disagreements between the conscious and subconscious minds.

Below I explain you how to achieve this liberating integration.

Due to the negative influence of the imaginary subconscious judgements replacing the reality we face, we can benefit from understanding them by taking a look to a past lives concept referred as Judgments carried from past lives. This concept translate also to subconscious judgements developed during childhood and later on. This type of judgements can have a great influence in our life, happiness and success (Past Life Judgements.) Other sites that throw more insights about this are:

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Judgments carried from past lives often alter in an important degree our perceptions of the real situations or conditions happening to us. Our emotional adaptation follows the course dictated by judgments and with that negative situation occurring to us, there happen exactly what it should not occur. The replacement of what is real for the imaginary is almost always present in this.

To liberate us from those judgments we need to learn how to communicate with our subconscious.

The understanding of human situations we face is influenced by those judgments developed from past lives, in early childhood or later.

Note that to explore all aspects of anyone's Karma is an excessively large task and with little practical benefit. You can be your entire life without finishing it. What you can do instead is to integrate the conscious and subconscious in the simple way I will refer to you. With this you do not need an in depth of the contents of your mind. If you feel the need to learn the way to communicate with your subconscious, I let you know how as follows.

How can you free yourself from the effects of the negative Karmas?

Some previous notions are necessary.

The subconscious is formed up to the age of six year of age. Up to then the child has its own conscious and subconscious integration. At about six years old the child reaches an stage of psychological development where a new integration of both mind levels occur. This new integration means the memory of the experiences accumulated up to then become subconscious with little or none of an access to the new conscious mind. By then, what remains as subconscious largely determines our character and our ability to adapt ourselves to the social realities we face. Most failures and successes in life are explained by the brain child, the subconscious, holding convictions or judgements fitting or not fitting the present conditions we face . Also most of the permanent emotional disturbances are explained by the same.

Anyway, after six years old, the access to the subconscious is not totally blocked and there is always a communication between the conscious and the subconscious. Our emotional reactivity has a high subconscious content coming from before our six years of age and tend to manifest through our body language as well as through other ways.

The use of mantras, this is, the repetitions of phrases and visualizations done in the way the subconscious understand can serve to change the subconscious convictions or judgements that cause our emotional problems or our self sabotage. If properly done, then the subconscious ties the threads in the mind allowing for the psychological adaptation required to achieve that harmony. In that way the conscious and the subconscious become communicated in a mutual collaboration towards certain goals.

But the phrases and visualizations have important limitations. Its use is more useful at the initial stages towards achieving a change in our mind.

The communication with the subconscious is much more effective with the proper understanding of the communication with this other you that always accompanies us, the subconscious.

This communication is based on the understanding of the self healing or mind reconstruction process by which your particular ways to achieve success and happiness is threaded in your mind. This must occur at the subconscious level, it is not enough with figuring it out in the conscious mind only.

If you communicate with the subconscious in the proper way and you let it thread the mind adaptation or healing needed to achieve what you want, it will solve the negative Karma aspects impeding the channeling into reality of your goals.

The negative Karma triggers its influence through what you imagine about reality. If in your subconscious you imagine reality exactly as it is, you will be much more able to channel your goals into reality. If it is not so, that channeling becomes disturbed enough by self-sabotage.

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