Many of the questions my readers have asked involve how can they achieve prosperity by influencing their subconscious. I take the general term of prosperity to refer to the specific goals they have in mind like the ones related to career, wealth, family, relationships, social activities, politics, sports, etc.

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We have talked about the ways to influence the subconscious through positive affirmations and visualizations and by learning how the subconscious learns from direct practice and from imaginary experience that you can feed to the subconscious. If you want to take a look at another article dealing with these topics you can visit our site on how to influence the subconscious here

Many times the voluntary actions to influence the inner mind are done because someone is unsatisfied with his or her personal achievements and looks for ways to condition the mind for success and happiness.

Let's consider first that success and happiness is a result of the interaction of your subconscious, conscious and the part of your mind who holds your ethical and moral values (the oversoul).

Psychic Reading Questions
Prosperity Psychic Readings - Order Form

If your actions are not agreed upon all three of these aspects, success and happiness are not likely to occur. Probably you can succeed if not, but the the resulting success will come costing your own happiness.

This is an area where the Tarot, Palmistry, Past Lives Regression and Spiritual Healing can help you to solve your prosperity. Those psychic methods can point areas in your mind to work on in order to reach the needed agreement to support your efforts toward success.

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