Spiritual and Psychic Healing

What the Spiritual and Psychic Healing have to do with the Interpretation and Development of the Mind? Can those methods help for our Emotional Healing?

Disclaimer: note that the use of the healing explained here will not achieve any miraculous or magical emotional cure nor it implies achieving success effortlessly. This healing will not necessarily work for everyone.

For the meaning of Spiritual and Psychic Healing there are many alternative interpretations on what those terms are, including mine and possibly yours.

The way I understand Spiritual Healing comes mostly from what I've done: help making changes within our own mind, with the use of the Tarot, Palmistry, Past Lives Analysis, Astrological Analysis and other psychic techniques, that help to disclose conscious and subconscious blocks that keep our destiny over an undesired track.

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Mental Blocks may be caused by several reasons, including traumas on this or in previous lifetimes, wrong programming received during childhood, expectations from others, etc.

Both healing methods serve also for those who ask themselves these type of questions: I'm feeling empty, what's my life path all about? Wouldn't it be there more than what I've had in my life by now? I seem tied by my past in ways that hurt me, how can I solve it? Where do I start to change something I'd want? I've wanted a relationship, but nothing has worked so far. What's wrong with me? How can I control my own anger? How I'd be free from guilt feelings? How can I cope with a loved one loss ?

Emotional Healing and Development of the Mind: usually what creates mental blocks comes from the development of inconsistencies between the conscious and emotional understanding. Both methods can be used to solve the wrong mind developments causing difficulties in our personal life by integrating the conscious and subconscious levels levels of the mind.

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