Past Life Regression

What does Past Life Regression Mean? How does it help you?

The past life regression is used to discover the cause of fears, repeated dreams, undesired tendencies - interpreting them, knowing them well, and finally getting them out forever. Through exploring past lives somebody easily realizes why repeatedly enters abusive or negative relationships, has certain obsessive behavior, was born on certain place, belong within a certain family, has chosen such and such goals in life, etc. People resolve certain problems by understanding their past existences. Our former lives history remains in our memories, we can go back to any former existence time as we wish. Past lives regression could be called an imagination exercise, but, from where someone's imagination feeds from, if not from earlier memories or experiences? Then why not from previous existence experiences? Why many psychological traits are inherited? Why people's thinking way remains largely determined by their family history? Even nationality, region, plays a role here.

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For our past lives interpretation, is there some simple way to do it?

For their interpretation one very simple technique is available. It requires some change in our beliefs about time, and some practice at shifting the focus of our time and space . Most of us block present and earlier existence experiences in an attempt of our mind to avoid pain by blocking a painful experience rather than dealing with it. Thus you must use proven ways to unblock whatever are the fears that block those memories.

I can teach you a technique to know your past existences and reprogram your mind for success.

A word of caution: avoid using the regression analysis as an excuse for problems you are facing today. The past existence recalls can give you information, but such information should be used towards solving your problems instead of using it as problem hanger.

The use of relaxation and breathing techniques will help you to focus while doing your recalls.

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What about its detractors?

What the detractors of the past lives regression techniques argue is that there exist doubtful or no scientific evidence to prove its value.

About its validity, what about the fact that it allows people to deal with subconscious issues effectively. Whether this is an effect of avoiding guilt feelings, repressed anger or other negative feelings subconsciously denying access to the occult wisdom of your mind, the important thing belongs at what people look for: results. They better themselves fast.

How a past life regression and interpretation can help along with the tarot, palm reading, spiritual healing, self-healing?

The Tarot readings and Palmistry readings give a method for interpreting character throwing light on someone's future. Our mind is analyzed, often showing unconscious motivations, hidden fears that may be impeding our success. Both methods point out to who you are, forgotten memories,healing your spirit, personal growth, personal renewal, self-understanding from within, overcome unproductive thinking, recognize mind traps, avoid those traps, etc.. The former existences allow a psychic to go much deeper into a reading, thus greatly enhancing the knowledge about yourself including relationships with other people. This also serves as a basis while achieving positive results when undertaking self healing.

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