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What do the Tarot Card Readings reveal to you?

When the tarot cards are displayed, there appear represented many occult (subconscious) personal aspects that have to be selected for what can be valid for the person or situation in question. Once the possibilities are narrowed to what is likely significant, the interpretation of the subconscious issues likely to be influencing someone's destiny and state of mind is expected to help into seing future developments of someone's destiny. The Tarot allow to reveal subconscious issues that affect our destiny. The revelations can also be expanded to our social space.

The revelations of the Tarot have been tried through centuries. The reason for the Tarot achievements are availed by results for cases where the disclosure of the occult has been correct.

Recently, creative writers along with psychologists have regarded with respect its symbols for their connection with the subconscious mind or occult wisdom. The tarot symbols show the picture of the inner thoughts leading towards hidden aspects of one's mind. One example to show this is the Love Card, also called The Lovers.

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Love Card.- Its figures represent the three levels of the mind, the three selves. The man represents your conscious mind, the woman your subconscious and the angel your Oversoul or Divine Mind (the one who holds your ethical, beauty, moral and any other standards for judging what is good or bad, right or wrong).

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In terms of looking at love relationships the three levels of your mind somehow determine the who, when, how, where, why and when of your love relationship situations (one aspect to consider here is that your subconscious mind might be conflicting with your Oversoul mind making little room for a relationship to succeed). Through going into this, disclosing some hidden aspects of your mind, the Tarot can throw light about who or what is the type of person likely to be your soulmate, by the present or in the future, and the kind of individual approach to handle, hold and find a healthy relationship and also show the type of relationship that is not likely to work for you. By example, the way the Love Card is displayed against the rest of the cards allows to explore possibilities in your relationship life path by following further at what the display results point at. If what they show moves some hunch of usefulness in your mind, you had better see further into it to disclose what might be hidden and limiting your relationship success.

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People are concerned with problems such as money, love, work, crucial decisions, friendship, enmity, etc.. The tarot card spreads allow the divination upon people's actual problems. The Tarot gives a method for interpreting character throwing light on somebody's future; spirit and mind are analyzed, often showing unconscious motivations, anxieties, hidden fears that may be impeding success.

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How a Psychic can read the displayed symbols for you without your presence?

Not being in front of a psychic does not make any big difference: your birth date and approximate birth time plus having in mind your questions and some feedback are the key elements in divining the unique relation between your situation and the symbol displays. Note that when you are in front of a psychic you give feedback upon your verbal communication, body language, voice intonation, clothing you wear, etc.

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