Positive Thinking: Mind Healing, Subconscious Mind Programming

Why, How and for Who
Positive Affirmations and
Visualizations Work or Not.

Disclaimer: note that the use of the healing explained here will not achieve any miraculous or magical mind healing. This type of healing will not necessarily work for everyone.

Contradicting the benefits of positive thinking, and this touches affirmations and visualizations, its detractors claim it does not help because it requires to ignore the negative aspects of reality.

In the more common cases of failure with positive mantras, the reason has to deal with the subconscious psychological self defense mechanisms resisting a change. That's why the use of positive phrases and visualizations work just for a while with most people. The repetition of mantras day after day makes ground for a change in our automatic way to understand and react towards reality. Through this process, the denial of the negative aspects of reality becomes embedded in the way our subconscious reacts. The danger this implies is what alerts our psychological self defenses.

Training the subconscious to ignore reality on a specific matter doesn't mean it will not also deny other aspects of reality. The change in the subconscious reactivity can easily configure automatic ways to block our understanding of negative situations that are real threats for us. Your phrases and visualizations can be taken subconsciously to do that.

If properly devised, the affirmations and visualizations can be used to solve the emotional negativity brought by a biased balance between positive and negative understandings at conscious and subconscious levels. There are many positive affirmation phrases that are published, and they look properly devised. The problem is that you have to find the proper phrases and visualizations that will work well for you.

Some people can easily take all negatives and positive aspects to solve whatever situations are thrown at them. Their emotional understanding toward situations usually helps them. This has little to do with intellectual ability. What counts here is their emotional balance while confronting situations. Their chances for success and happiness are definitely helped by this character trait.

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Others may overvalue negative aspects as a way to protect themselves against feared situations. Their intellectual understanding may tell it does not make full sense or not at all, but for some unknown reason they act and feel upon unreal negativity. For them the dominant part of their mind make up is negativity towards certain situations. Of course, the use of the proper mantras would help them for a more healthy balance between their negative and positive way to understand life at the conscious and emotional levels. Very seldom this way to look at life will make them to replace all negative understandings for positive ones. They just learn to open up to more positive situations that can be expected for them. The large majority of them will never deny evident negative experiences of real practice for the sake of positive thinking alone. If and when that denial occurs, they take a second look at their mantras to modify them or to fully stop practising them.

Working with your Subconscious Levels

Positive affirmations to influence the subconscious can be necessary to achieve a more healthy balance in your inner mind. When someone's way to understand situations, real and emotional ones, is heavily biased towards negativity because of an inner mind conflict, the positive affirmations contradicting the implied negativity have the effect of achieving a more balanced understanding of positives and negatives, thus allowing the person to adapt to situations in a more realistic way.

For those who succeed with their mantras, making positive affirmations causes a healing that is called by psychologists as a mind rewiring process. After they repeat positive affirmations to influence the subconscious, it occurs as a healing process making the positives-negatives balance (upon your emotional understanding) more consistent with reality. They might even use "unrealistic affirmations" and the effect will be the same: a more healthy balance of positives and negatives. If the proper affirmations are repeated for a long enough time, this balance is likely to develop to a much more healthy level, where the emotional conflict is totally rewired freeing the person from its negative effects, and also of what causes those effects. The inner mind rewiring gradually changes the perceived negative effects for the positives in a way consistent with reality, thus depleting the source or cause of unhealthy negativity coming from imagined negative results.

A very effective help to influence the subconscious is by fully understanding how the mind rewiring healing works with the use of positive affirmations and without them. I can teach you this and the psychic methods to use in your individual case going beyond the use of positive phrases and visualizations.

If you think part of your mind plays against your ability to adapt to certain situations (personal relationships, job, career, finances, social activities, etc.), you can influence your subconscious to change its undesired patterns. Let's see how, just let me know.

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