Character, Destiny: Palmistry Readings, Occult Life Path Revelations

What Does the Palmistry Reveal to You?

The Palm Readings can reveal insights into your character, love life, health, talents, career abilities, fate and other important issues. Things like who you are, romance, adventure, old forgotten memories, healing your spirit, personal growth, renewal, self-understanding from within, overcome unproductive thinking, allow innovative thinking, lose old habits, recognize mind traps, avoid those traps, overcome fears about change, discover opportunities you never knew existed, are some concerns to be helped with the palms revelations. These lectures show evidence that allow you to evaluate consequences about taking various actions. By example, with the palmistry revelations a palm reader can help you to make better career and relationship choices because an understanding of your personal career opportunities and of your happiness concerning relationships will come with the readings. (Palm readings - Submit)

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How the Palmistry Readings can Help?

First, consider that the Hand Analysis and Palmistry are different, but closely related in their use. The first exist as scientific study dealing with the shape, size, finger lengths, fingernails, skin patterns which make anyone hand different from any other. It's study is based upon what is recorded in the hand lines, measured, compared toward facts given in studies done by psychologists, medical doctors, educationalists, and has formed the basis of Palmistry.

Thus, the hands analysis allows to evaluate the personality, character structure, health, talents, career abilities, hobbies best suited for certain individual. Many people want it done for precise relationship choices. The Palmistry Readings are done by observing the hand lines with a scientific eye using intuition as a form of prediction that is absolutely unique. When analyzing and reading the hand lines, the fortune tellers can use both, Palmistry and Hand Analysis, to get a complete picture of the persons, who they are, their talents, their potential future. With that information it is a matter of applying intuition to predict from those potentials. The Palmistry Fortune Tellers diagnose and divine by the hand lines, marks, shapes, pointing out logical results that involve your destiny. Your heart line reveals emotions, sensitivity degree, capacity for giving, receiving love, affection. It also shows you the heart physical condition as well. Your head line reveals your mental capacity, and also how you handle the emotional and mental stresses of life. The above are some aspects revealed by Palmistry.


What Concerns About Life Can the Palmisty
Reveal that Interest People the Most?

The Palmistry Readings can answer questions like: What does the future have for me? What could in my case be expected in love, relationships, sex, marriage? Will I find happiness, be content and achieve my full potential? Will my job stay secure? Would I get a promotion or be overlooked? Should I start looking for another job? Would I live a healthy and long life? What if some hidden problem takes something out of my success? Can I have children? Will my children births be uneventful? Will my children be born perfectly normal? What about affording my new car, home, or vacation this year? (Submit palmistry questions)

What Limitations Can the
Palmistry Readings Have?

As for all divining tools, the palmistry conclusions are not one hundred percent sure. No one in its right sense can say their findings with he Palmistry can be absolutely right; dealing with the occult aspects of the human mind, the life path of each person is something very un-precise. The conclusions about your character and destiny reflected in your palms must be weighted against other facts like your personal history, age, sex, work activity, beliefs, social space, nationality and the area you live in, education, etc. Of course, the divining intuition of a psychic is extremely important to solve the puzzle.

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