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The math and physics homework solutions that are sent to our 
clients are usually done by the person whose background and
experience appears below. Whenever another qualified person
does all or part of a homework, it is checked by Sergio Fernandez
before forwarding it by email to the client.

                         Background and Experience 

Sergio Fernandez is an Electrical Civil Engineer living in Chile with
a teaching background in two Chilean Universities  Catholic 
University (Universidad Catolica - Valparaiso City) and where he 
actually teaches which is the Los Lagos University in the Capital 
city of Santiago and where his credentials  as a teacher
and as an Electrical Civil Engineer can be referred as per request.

Sergio Fernandez address, phone and email are:

Address:                                 9 1/2 Norte 932 Viña del Mar
                                                  Quinta Región. Chile.

Phone:                                    (56) (32) 2971750

Email:                                      sfernand@jfinternational.com    

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