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Email Solutions. Physics Help, Homework. Scope of Covered Assignments

Physics, homework help, complete solutions. Welcome to our site!

The Physics help to solve problems or homework covers all mechanic and electromagnetism subjects.

We provide you with step-by-step explanations to easily understand how the problems are solved.

Physics Help for Homework Problems, Email Here

Below is a list of Physics subjects we handle for your homework (Quantum Physics is not included):


Measurements and units.
International System . MKSC System.
Vectors. Scalar product and vector product.
Forces, torque, center of mass, statistics.
Equilibrium of a rigid body.
Kinematics, velocity, acceleration.
Circular motion, angular acceleration.
Relative motion, relative velocity.
Dynamics of a particle. The law of inertia.
Linear momentum. Newton's second and third laws.
Work and energy, power, Kinetic energy, potential
energy, conservation of energy.
Dynamics of a rigid body, moment of inertia, angular
momentum oscillatory motion, single harmonic motion,
The pendulum, compound pendulum, period. Gravitational interaction.
Fluids, density and pressure. Atmospheric pressure.
Pascal principle, Archimides principle, Bernoulli's
Sound, Doppler effect.


Temperature, kinetic theory, Celsius, Kelvin and Fahrenheit scales.
Heat, First thermodynamic law, specific heat.
Second thermodynamic law, entropy, Carnot cycle.


Electric field, Coulomb's law, electric current
Magnetic field, The Lorentz force
Gauss law, capacitors.
Ohm' s law, Ampere's law, Faraday - Henry law.
Maxwell's equations, electromagnetic waves.

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