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Physics assignments: solutions sent to your email in several formats like Word, Excel and other formats. Physics homework solved with the completed and detailed solutions and development for each problem. All classic physics subjects are included: mechanics and electromagnetism. Quantum physics is not included. Physics homework or problems to solve are detailed as exposed for the following themes: MECHANICS: EXERCISES SOLUTIONS Measurements and units of length, time and mass. Standards, reference systems, International System or IS. ONE DIMENSIONAL KINEMATICS: Free fall, velocity, acceleration, change of units, displacement, speed, instantaneous and average velocity, uniformly accelerated movement, vectors and scalars, reference frames. TWO AND THREE DIMENSIONAL KINEMATICS: Vectors, relative velocity, projectiles. DYNAMICS, FORCE: Weight, mass. First, Second and Third Newton's Laws; friction, inclined planes. CIRCULAR MOTION: angular velocity, angular acceleration, dynamics and kinematics of uniform circular motion. GRAVITATION: Kepler's laws, satellites, tides. Newton's Universal Law of Gravitation. WORK, ENERGY: conservation of energy law, potential and kinetic energy, energy transformations, power, solution to frictional forces problems, mechanic energy conservation, work-kinetic energy theorem, conservative forces. LINEAR MOMENTUM: mass center, collisions, impulse, conservation of momentum, elastic and inelastic collisions. ROTATION: torque, rotational kinetic energy, angular quantities, conservation of angular motion. STATIC, EQUILIBRIUM: levers, pulleys, stability equilibrium conditions. FLUIDS: pressure, density, specific weight, atmospheric pressure, manometric pressure, Bernoulli's equation, Pascal Principle; continuity equation, pumps, Archimides Principle, flotability. VIBRATIONS, OSCILLATORY MOVEMENT: simple and compound pendulum, simple harmonic motion (SAM), waves; period, refraction, reflection, diffraction; resonance, stationary waves. SOUND: timbre, amplitude, interference, intensity, Doppler effect. THERMODYNAMIC EXERCISES, SOLUTIONS Zero law of thermodynamics, thermometers, Celsius scale, constant volume gas thermometer, Fahrenheit scale, absolute scale, thermal expansion in solids and liquids. KINETIC THEORY: ideal gas law, molecular model, specific molar heat and adiabatic process in ideal gases. FIRST LAW OF THERMODYNAMICS, HEAT: specific heat, heat transmission: radiation, conduction and convection; energy transfer, internal energy, heat meters, mechanical equivalent of heat. SECOND LAW OF THERMODYNAMICS: reversible and irreversible process, Carnot Cycle, entropy. ELECTRICITY AND MAGNETISM, EXERCISES SOLUTIONS ELECTRIC FIELDS: electric charges, insulators and conductors, Coulomb's law, electric field in a continuos distribution of charge. GAUSS LAW: electric flux, uses for insulators and conductors ELECTRIC POTENTIAL: potential difference, potential energy, electric potential produced by point charges and by continuos charge distributions. CAPACITY AND DIELECTRICS: serial and parallel connexion of capacitors, stored energy. CURRENT AND RESISTANCE: Ohm's law, resistance and temperature CONTINUOS CURRENT CIRCUITS: electromotive force, series and parallel resistors, Kirchoff's laws. MAGNETIC FIELDS: magnetic force over a conductor, magnetic force over a charged particle in a magnetic field, Hall effect, Biot-Savart's law, Ampere's law, magnetic flux, Gauss' law and the magnetism. FARADAY'S LAW: Faraday-Henry law of electromagnetic induction, Lenz law, induced emf. Inductance: self inductance, RL circuit, energy in a magnetic field, oscillations in a LC circuit. ALTERNATING CURRENT: fasors, resistors, capacitors and inductors in alternating current circuits, RLC circuit resonance. ELECTROMAGNETIC WAVES: Maxwell equations, energy carried by electromagnetic waves. LIGHT AND OPTICS: EXERCISES, SOLUTIONS Light nature, reflection, refraction, Huygens principle, dispersion and prisms, Fermat's principle. Geometrical optics: images formed by mirrors and by refraction, thin lenses. Light waves interference. Diffraction and polarization, diffraction in a narrow slit. RELATIVITY EXERCISES, SOLUTIONS Einstein relativity principle. Lorentz's transformation equations, momentum and relativistic energy, mass-energy equivalence.

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