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Example of Doppler Effect With Two Shifts

A stationary source emits a sound wave of 5000 Hz. An object approaches to this source with a velocity of 3.5 m/s. What is the frequency of the wave reflected on the object?

In this problem there are two Doppler shifts.

The first one, because the object acts like an observer in movement an "detects" a wave sound of frequency
f' = [(v + v0)/v]f = [(343 m/s+ 3.5 m/s)/(343 m/s)]5000 Hz = 5051 Hz.

The second one, because the object acts like a source in movement that "remits" (reflects) the sound, and hence the reflected frequency is
= v/(v - vs) = [(343 m/s)/(343 m/s - 3.5 m/s)]5051 Hz = 5103 Hz

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