Past Lives and Early Childhood

This article deals with some aspects of past lives that explain how our personality develops since early childhood. We refer here to the root of many small to major emotional disturbances that impede or become a heavy burden toward happiness and success.

The effects of emotional disturbances relate to what we call mental blocks, unexplained fears, obsessive behavior, depression, anxiety, addictions, uncontrolled anger, eating disorders, self-destructive behavior, and many other long standing problems affecting many people's lives for the worst.

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Let's see how the memories from past lives may play with negative emotions experienced during childhood.

When confronting situations like those that imply fearing rejection, loss of something important, real or emotional death, doing something against our will, guilt, anger, and many others implying some sort of fear or frustration, somehow a part of our brain provides an understanding of them based on our past experiences configuring an scope of possible results, alternatives of solutions and actions to take.

During childhood the understanding of those situations are associated to experiences usually related to the family members, their behavior and other situations related to the basic needs and feelings experienced in childhood.

In childhood, while the child does not experience traumatic situations, the memories related to what is experienced are brought in a normal way and the new experiences are healthily stored in memory.


But when some traumatic situation occurs, like hard beat ups, physical and emotional abuse, threats, abandonment, denial of the supply for the basic needs, lack of affection, isolation, being ignored etc, the child confronting such situations may access those memories that belong to traumatic situations experienced during past lives to find some way to psychologically adapt to the situation.

An important fact to consider here is that nightmares also may bring the need to recall past lives experiences to confront the emotions moved due to them or bring up the use of a character trait stored in the past lives memories to cope with extreme emotions, specially fear.

As a result of some fearful experience, real or dreamed, a character trait from past lives might emerge into the normal personality of the child to serve as a psychological defense. If the situation repeats a number of times, the character trait brought temporarily from past lives may stay as part of the normal personality, thus conditioning the same reaction when confronting situations that are somehow associated in the subconscious mind as the same or similar situations, with disregard of important aspects that make them different in the reality.

The normal personality takes the present reality into account. The part of the personality that has been taken from past lives takes the present reality under the conditions that belong to past lives, thus inducing an emotional understanding that do not fit the real social practice of the child and later, when the same child becomes an adult.


The above explain why some persons stay in the wrong relationships, cannot control anger, experience anxiety, social phobia, depression, etc. while others, the majority, in their same situation, do not.

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