Past Life Judgments

Certain ways to understand human situations and other aspects of reality can be carried from past lives as vows do. These judgments differ from vows because of their emotional intensity. Vows are usually done with a great emotional intensity and judgments are usually done rather rationally and under circumstances where we believe we know more or better than others, kind of " I am right, the other or others are wrong". Judgments can be against our selves or against others and usually play in favor of fate because of the judgmental distortion of reality at a subconscious level disguised as an absolute truth or taking any other mental grab hiding the rationalization of a system of thought.

Judgments can and must be broken to free our life path towards success and happiness. Many emotional disturbances have their source in past life judgments carried into today's life. Also persons not living to their full potential for different reasons than emotional ones can benefit from exploring possible past life judgments affecting their life path.

You can visit our healing site on how to break past life fate, it includes breaking judgments carried from past life:

Go to: Break Past Life Fate
Break Past Life Fate


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