Soul Mates

Soul mates, although also part of the soul group that compose the karmic connection, are just two people who rank far above the rest of the group in terms of compatibility on most levels. Soul mate connections usually come from several reincarnations and have been positive in most of them.

Most people can have several soul mates, and the older a soul is, the more they have.

Soul mates can be incarnated with us in this dimension or acting as guides from the other dimension, encouraging and helping us.

Our soul mates know us well and share in common with us many intense and/or bonding experiences.

The experience of meeting your soul mate, the first time you meet or at another time, may go to some very special emotions like feeling a frenetic energy, feeling that your heart stops beating, a tingle sensation through your body, and other feelings showing your inside desire to be with that person for ever.

The former said belongs more to the love at first sight situations. The same experience of meeting your soul mate may come from the communication that nurtures the feelings that make up for a love attachment that we wish to last a life time.

The love at first sight may show an intense sense of intimacy that may indicate that we are meeting someone we loved in a past life. The other way to feel we are with our soul mate may come after we have met the other person in a number of occasions. This may come as a surprise also, like feeling jealousy while when someone else become interested in the other or the sudden acceleration of our heart beeps while close to him/her. The soul connection may surface after a while and it usually involves a feeling as if we have shared a past with that person implying the outlook of a positive and happy future as a couple. In terms of past lives, we project our future with that person based on one or more experiences together in our past lives. The memory of that may be awaked in our inner mind at first sight or after a while.

Some questions people generally ask are like "Will I ever find my soul mate?", "Am I with my soul mate now?", "Is he my soul mate?", "Something happened, I thought he/she was my soul mate, what happened?"

Maybe those questions relate to the usual problem of seeking an unconditional and unlimited love. This may reflect the experience of one of our parent's love that for most of us has been felt as unconditional and unlimited. Romance does not share those traits, it is not unconditional or unlimited.

When our real experiences do not meet those standards, many of us assume we have not met the "right person", and when we met the "right person", then we will be really satisfied relationship-wise. We may go from relationship to relationship seeking something that does not exists out of our parental relationship.

The soul mate experience allows an opportunity to engage into a romantic love and make it grow to something higher that means a lasting and strong love bond with deeper levels of intimacy and passion. This may come after a learning process where a number of our relationships with other soul mates - or karmic connections - from past lives have come to a rupture stage.

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