Perceptive and Projective Skills. Reincarnations, Past and Future.

The Knowledge of Yourself and Others.
Your Influence over People and Things.-

Perceptive Skills.- This deal with the ability to know ourselves, and of the ability to deeply understand the human situations we face with other persons.

One way to develop this skill is with the use of the Past Lives Regression. A superior spirituality level is achieved if we develop our understanding of ourselves and others.

Note that both perceptive skills can be developed with other means than Past Life Regressions. In future articles you will see more into the ways develop your perceptive skills that mean the use of other esoteric methods.

Projective Skills.- These skills deal with our ability to influence other people and things. This involves from our verbal ability to communicate our thoughts and emotions, our body language expressions that influence our communication, up to the use of spells and telepathy. The use of a part or all of these abilities allows us to channel our wishes into reality, for good or bad, depending upon how well developed are those skills in relation to our specific goals.

We will refer here to the development of the perceptive and projective skills from the Spiritual Development point of view.

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Reincarnations, Past and Future

Some of our perceptions may make no apparent sense in terms of the common notion of space.

Let's see into this.

Usually the more time someone has spent in a particular place, the longer and stronger its memory will persist. In esoteric terms we refer this memory to the associated vibrations that belong to that place.

Sometimes you can enter a room or visit another place that feels very familiar and despite the fact that there is no apparent way you could have been there before, you feel you’ve been there before. This means a feeling that have been called DÉJÀ VU, a French expression that means already seen.

The feeling described for a particular place also can be attached to certain situations. The perception involved usually occurs because you associate a memory of a past life which occurred in that place. Or because you may have recalled a dream or an out-of-the-body experience indicating you had visited the place. Sometimes you may have just responded to the history of a place without any personal connection, and sensed what went on there.

This feeling involves the ability to perceive something that has less to do with where you are than with how you are. Being open towards this apparently unexplained feeling enhances your perceptions and negating it inhibits them. For what appears in our mind, the place itself matters little. Of course this is a perception that seems very contradictory for most people.

Perceptions and Projections

It is important to develop your perceptive skills before your projective skills.

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Perception is a faculty by which you acquire knowledge, and this ability can be enhanced so the acquired knowledge is more likely to lead to wisdom and the understanding that makes up for a superior spirituality.

Projection is a directing faculty by which you influence people and things around you. Used without wisdom can generate a lot of troubles in your life. Note that the most extreme projective skills, the use of spells and telepathy,may result in an intrusive and or malefic influence toward people.

The use of projective skills, specially spells and telepathy, should be attempted only when you have achieved a high degree of self-awareness and you are in a position to take responsibility for what you project or send to others. This means the development of your perceptive skills towards a superior spiritual level.

I can teach you perceptive techniques like the regression to your past lives for a deeper understanding of yourself and of others, and the projective techniques, but keep in mind that you may in fact be simultaneously developing both, the projective and the perceptive skills.

I can also investigate your past lives and future reincarnations in order to enhance your present life for the better.

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