Procrastination, Karma and Fate Aspects

Procrastination usually works against our personal success and happiness in many ways. How to take control of our destiny instead of fate doing it for us is a theme in a number of articles in this psychic site.

Procrastination can pave the way for fate to control our destiny because it allows to displace our point of power, which is the now - the present time- for another time in the future, and then another time and so on.

Procrastination touches many areas like relationships, careers, jobs, health, civil rights and law, etc.

The displacement in time may come to the point where nothing can be done, or even if something can be done, actions become hopelessly ineffective against deadlines or other less specific limits on time. In the case of cancer, if you are in an age where it can happen to you and you delay your medical exams, it can be discovered when it has already become irreversible mortal. If in your relationship there appear a conflict that is not talked out, leaving it as if it was not there, it will be likely to grow to a point of solution that can even be the rupture of the relationship or the affective bond.

The delay of actions toward our long range goals may have also the effect of delaying our learning process to acquire experience, which is usually done on trials and errors that must accumulate until an overall sight or superior knowledge develops in our minds making it possible to achieve those long range goals.

What fate has to do with procrastination? We are here referring to the karma aspects that can be involved in procrastination and play its influence through our emotional levels, subconscious ones, that show up as:

Fear and anxiety about the task at hand
Negative beliefs that you can't succeed
Unrealistic expectations and the quest for perfection
Fear of failure
Difficulty concentrating

The result of the above may be that a person just do activities that are not essential for success.

If you have experienced important failures due to procrastination reflecting the above, you can benefit with the use of psychic methods for success that work with your inner mind. Just let me know by filling your information after you click the image below:


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