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Pacts carried from past life are agreements involving two or more people, usually involving groups of people and done under great emotional and/or social intensity involving situations of patriotism, war, family, religion, honor, freedom, power, wealth, discrimination, love, hate, justice and many other situations that can imply something worth to fight and die for, that goes beyond the time and conditions of the same past life where the same agreements were done These pacts agreed upon can be done in this and in the other dimension along our string of past lives and are not exclusively limited to unselfish situations and to a great degree of emotional and social intensity nor something to fight and die for, although some pacts carried from past lives share those characteristics placing the mind an soul of people under an imagined stake situation that must be acted upon without regard of its cost.

Fate can be favored by pacts carried from past life because of the direction our life path must follow to be compliant with the pact and the loyalty towards the other people involved.

Not all pacts carried from past lives would favor fate negating our freedom to choose our destiny since somehow can be dissolved by our spiritual growth, but, by example, the ones done because of negative feelings, like revenge ones, usually would go to a length large enough to fully negate it and be perpetuated despite the futility it brings for our present and future life paths.

By example, you are made prisoner of war with your friends during one of your past lives and suffer torture, humiliation and hunger under the sergeant in charge despite the fact you all were filed for execution by the martial court. After dying, all of you meet in your soul form and agree to seek revenge against the sergeant. This pact of revenge make you all incarnate as a group at the times and places that the soul of the former sergeant chooses to be born and live. Up to the time you break the revenge pact, you will be stuck in this revenge cycle that repeats along your lives, past, present and future.


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