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The karmic connections are people we feel familiar with instantly. We belong to them as part of soul groups that have a sense of connection coming from past lives that was randomly of either a positive or negative nature. That's why we feel instantly familiar with them.

All these contacts and relationships within the karmic connections are emotionally intense, in either a positive or negative way, and happen for a reason or purpose.

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The purpose of these gatherings within the karmic connections can be to develop qualities and other spiritual and material gains we are in most need at the time they occur.

The needed gains are usually to solve patterns that refrain our spiritual growth or develop more those that help with it. These gains may also imply a needed growth or loss of material aspects. We are referring here the most common of those patterns : abandonment, manipulation, abuse, power struggles, love, hate, intimacy, rejection, deception. Those are the patterns we learn from, and our spiritual development, for better or worse, depends on.

For more karmic information and concepts you can take a look at the sites appearing in the Related Sites list at the end of this web page. There appear things like what type of karma influences our relationships during our lives and the lessons implied for spiritual growth, what fate aspects carried from past lives can be influencing our relationships.

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