Finding Love:
Past Life Love Vows

A past life vow done under intense emotions can carry over following past lives, present and future lives with no limit on its timing. The same type of fate repeats over a string of consecutive past, present and future lives.

We can mention, between many other vows of that nature, the particular case of the everlasting love vows done in past lives. This may serve as an example to see how patterns in the form of fate are carried into our present life. The example is about love fate brought from a past life love vow. Its fate aspect restricts finding love exclusively with the avowed lover.

Someone may have lived a past life where he/she fell deeply in love with someone else and the love was mutually intense. Those ones may have done a vow for their love lasting forever excluding themselves from finding love in another relationship. This may look like as something great if it were not because of some potential problem arising out of the same vow, this is, their souls limit to each other as loving couples for every following life time, without an end point. That means that in every other future life when they are in relationships that are not with the avowed true loving partner, it just does not come to be worth enough, as if something dearly wanted was missing in the relationship; this is the way love fate brought by everlasting love vows manifest itself all those times. This situation will be carried on until a time the vow is broken and the person can move on then to a new complete love relationship. This may be the explanation from past lives for the difficulty against finding love with someone else.


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