Healing Fate From Past Life

The healing of past life fate may require of past life regression, psychic and spiritual healing as combined esoteric methods. We now refer to the past life regression used to bring memories from past lives to work on them towards healing fate aspects brought from past lives. You can awake the healing power within you and break past life fate and any other type of fate by learning the proper self healing methods based on esoteric principles.

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To see about the other psychic methods that apply, go to our Spiritual Healing and Psychic Healing sites. To see more on past life regression go to our Past Lives site.

By recalling past lives we can get to the core of many of our current problems. For instance, a strong fear of water may be explained by a near-death experience with water in this life . If that occurred in the near past, and the individual was conscious, then his or her emotional reactivity to water is not a mystery. But, assume the drowning happened early in childhood or in a former life. Not having memory of the incident, the person will not understand this "absurd" fear of water. The strong emotional shock remains, but the memory holding its history is blocked. To be free of this emotional reaction to water the person has to go back to what caused it. The regression to the event can prove to be easy because there are past life regression techniques that have been done for the amateur.

On occasions, while dealing with the challenges of life, we experience some kind of a glimmer of a past life. Recalls happen spontaneously while responding to a physical or emotional situation that starts the memory of something similar from a past life. Most people have had the experience of meeting someone for the first time and feeling as having met the person before. There is a sense of familiarity about the person that puts us at ease immediately. We can try to remember where we might have met, and when we can find no memory or evidence from the feedback of the other person, we disregard the familiar feeling as a mistake, but the feeling of knowing the person comes from another life from where there is no present recall.


This emotional compatibility responds to a past life memory, but we have trouble locating the fact. If our belief system means the existence of one life only, then the memory of another life cannot surface to our consciousness. If we are open to our past lives, then our memory of the past can appear to us with the where and when we knew the person. If we can have the feeling of having known someone before, then we are close from remembering the time and place.

I can show you a system that enables the amateur to take someone back through past lives. Or I can go back to find out about your last past life or other past lives. The ability to shift time periods is common among psychics, and it is this ability that enables us to predict your future and describe your past.

I can use this ability to describe your past lives and help you to be free of fate aspects brought from past life, ranging from simple ones that are rather conscious, to occult fate aspects requiring past life regression at a deeper level. I can help you to awake the healing power within you that you can use learning the appropriate esoteric self healing.

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