These testimonials are intended to give you examples of what I can do for people who hire my psychic services and/or receive my free esoteric articles. Through them you will see what I can do for you.


Hi Erika, I just wanted to thank you for your wonderful words which I have read again. They are so beautiful, so simple and so easy to follow we just have to break the mold we have put ourselves in. You are so right about money, people attitudes. I hope you will continue to help me to receive karmic peace and inner spirituality and psychic abilities for myself. Thanks. Love, Mona

Erika, Thank you for your comfort and your priceless advice...you really have a way with words!! You are a blessing!! Thank you again! Laura

Hi there Erika, P.S. The last 2 weeks have been full with moving but wanted to say thanks again you've been wonderful with positive information and feedback ......I'm glad I had the chance to come across you and your services. You don't tell me what I'd like to hear, you tell the truth.......thank you. Sincerely, Rhonda.

Hi Erika, The reading you gave me helped me very much. It gave me insights. I caught myself referring to it for guidance quite often. Keith

Thank you very much Erica! I feel it on the energy that comes from you and I feel also you are very honest and GOOD. Thank you again. Best wishes. Marje

Good morning Erika... Thank you for your insight on my situation... You hit the nail on the head... Lissette

Erika- thank you for your reading. It really gave me hope and reassurance. I've finally found my path and that means so much to me. Thank you again. Chance

Your last several e-mail have actually changed my life. I felt it more on my last reading. You have given me insight. I am very grateful. I hope I never lose it. I feel as if I am starting on an incredibly journey. I really can't explain all what I am experiencing at this time. Keith.

As always, Erika- Thank you for your wonderful insight! You have helped me in so many ways- you're explanations of tarot, karma, relationships to self and others, etc. have always been key in my daily decision making. Thank you, thankyou, thankyou!!!!!!!!!!!! Love, Karen

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