Emotions: How they Change Our Relationship Future

If it weren't because of our emotions, our future would be much more certain to run its future course as we see it in the present. Relationships fit clearly into this. An so does many other aspects of our life.

Emotions have the power to change a present situation into another, a different one, ranging from a small degree of change to a totally opposite situation. The emotional bond of love relationships has the potential for changes to an extreme opposite, turning love into hate, closeness into distance, attraction into repulsion, constructiveness into destructiveness.

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Generally, the more our emotions are under our control, the more stable and predictable our future life path is. If both partners share the same characteristic of having their emotions under control, their love relationship will usually follow a mutual adaptation without extreme effects, although still influenced by the normal wearing down of relationships but with an emotional ambient more conductive to mutual healing.

If just one of the partners keeps emotions under control, the future of the relationship will largely depend on his/her ability to cope with and handle the other partner's out of control emotions.

If both partners lack control of their emotions, their relationship future is usually determined by circumstances, even minor ones. Anything that triggers uncontrolled emotions can put the relationship into a rupture or deteriorating situation.

While acquiring more maturity, people learn through self-observation what are their emotional "buttons" an how life circumstances push them. This gives them a better chance of interacting rather than reacting to the involved circumstances.

But, as clouding yourself with unresolved emotional issues must be avoided because the effect this have in your emotional and biological health, the venting of our emotions must be somehow be done through our communication. Then, how can we constructively have emotional clarity?

By being constructive while we express our emotions it means to express our emotional states and feelings in a way that will not cause harm to the ones who are implied and confront our expressions. By saying to the other person that we are frustrated, angry or under some other negative emotional state makes a big deal of difference than expressing those feelings just with our attitude, manners, hurting words, body language, etc. Even a full emotional outburst after clearly saying like "I am angry at you for this or that reason" will possibly be within the limits of a healthy feedback from the other person. The acting out - making as if the problem was not there to talk it out and just act upon it, can only make things worst, even lastingly worst to a point of rupture or serious deterioration of a relationship.

Finding our own way of constructive expression is part of our path towards maturity and spiritual growth. At the end, achieving it shows an integration between our conscious and subconscious mind that solves our life in our best interest.

The integration of both of our minds, conscious and subconscious ones is part of the psychic methods available to my clients. You can take a look at our Testimonials site to see into this: http://www.jfinternational.com/psy/testimonials.html

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