Loneliness In Company: Virtually Lost Love Bond

Loneliness is a strong emotional state with a high component of fear. Loneliness means a very powerful feeling that is built into us and makes us to seek the companion of others. Loneliness means an emotion we would not exist without as humans because our own survival has depended on companionship since the human race is in this planet.

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Loneliness negates our human gregarious instinct. Loneliness motivates us to seek and maintain friendships, intimate relationships, be part of a family or a community, etc. It is a very highly ranked component in love relationships and is very reactive towards whatever menaces to make us loose our partner companionship. Loneliness, as with all subconscious matters, it is susceptible of divining by a psychic tool such as the Tarot.

What the Tarot can reveal to you if you try to explore this deep subconscious feeling? The Death Card in combination with other cards may reveal that the end of a love situation is on sight and a new one is about to replace it, even if you do not know about this. Your inner mind frustration at not having your emotional needs met by the people in your life may be opening channels to expand your pool of friends or decide about your love partner.

If the Death Card appears while exploring loneliness, it does not mean necessarily a death of a person, quite often this is not the case, it usually points to something that is finished or about to end (death=end of something) and to what means its replacement to follow (its opposite= something born or to be born). And also do not necessarily mean the death of a love bond, it may point out to a change of it for the better, for a new way to nurture it.

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What the Death card may be showing in some cases is the approach to a point of saturation for suffering because of love. This is a potential point of solution that will channel your energy to change (make something end and replace it for something different) the negative situation. It may be that in the relationship your partner most times shows emotional distance, excludes you from his social space, in other words, makes you feel loneliness in his/her company.

The tarot can also serve to find the ways you can channel your energy to solve your loneliness, either by finding another partner, change the relationship bond with your actual partner, or use other social avenues to fulfill your need for real company.

The Death card can also represent the death of the old self. - not necessarily physical death. Could be transformation, change. The change may be in the form of consciousness of the need to change a relationship or any other aspect of your life.

Some people worry that working with the tarot will involve them in occult practices or create conflicts with their religious beliefs. My approach to the cards is simple and natural. I try to show that the cards are not dark and mysterious, but wonderful tools for self-discovery. In fact, I feel that using the tarot can expand your spiritual awareness in many positive ways.

My readings depend not only on the way in which the cards fall in the layout, but on their nearness to, and combination with other cards and the frequency with which cards of a given suit recur.

Tarot cards have been used for centuries to predict the future shed light on the past, and reveal the mysterious patterns of Character and Destiny.

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