Love Conflicts, Divining. Handling Break Ups and Other Relationship Situations.

The love relationship conflicts usually have a large content of aspects that are subconscious mixed with conscious ones. The divining methods allow us to divine into those situations through exploring the subconscious aspects that affect the way the conflicts appear and their solutions. Also the divining methods allow to explore the conscious issues involved.

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The tarot cards, palmistry and astrology can be used to explore the chances of settlement, win-win situations, hurt feelings, destructive actions and attitudes, repetition of conflicts, break-ups, distancing, infidelity, jealousy, power struggles, avoidance behaviour, etc.

The Past Lives Regression can also serve to explore into the same situations.

What can be really at stake in love conflicts? This is something that may become rather cloudy and if not considered in the mutual communication, can make the attempts to solve the conflicts to fall into a costly trap, making the fights hurtful and destructive instead of improving the love bond of the couple. Fights that leave one or both of the partners feeling awful about themselves victimize the relationship future, specially when the rupture of the relationship appears as a healthy solution. Those and other kind of fights with long term negative effects are the ones we had better take another look at and explore what is underneath the appearances.

The Tarot cards, by example, can show displays associated with: anxiety or fear about looking at what we need or at setting limits into the relationship mutually shared space; fear about being controlled, used; guilt, shame, relationship triangles, power position, loyalty, distrust, values, security, third party intrusion (through blaming, scorning, and other negative communication with one of the partners against the other); etc.

Solving the problems by triggering the arguments can help, but if the arguments repeat with an unhealthy frequency and intensity, maybe some deeper and not adressed issues is really at stake making a relationship lost to meaningless fights and you will probably grow frustrated due to the endless fights that result in frustration, avoidances, disrespect, and distrust, rather than in win-win solutions.

The divining methods can tell about the above and show what communication is likely to work, throw light into whether it is worth to keep the relationship, and show what to use beyond the normal communication (spells, telepathy) in extreme cases.

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