Gut Feelings - Divining Human Situations

This article shows some principles that apply to situations where you feel as future developments or actual things that are pictured right there and attached to the person or persons that interact with you, as something brought all of a sudden into our conscious mind and apparently coming from nowhere.

Notice that gut feelings may apply to aspects involving not just people, also to concepts and material findings. We now focus this theme into relationship situations.

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Each of us has an "inner voice" that, if properly developed, can be a great assist when we're communicating with people without knowing all of the facts we'd prefer to have about them.

There are several definitions of what intuition is: "Knowledge obtained without a rational thought; feeling related to past experiences stored in the subconscious; flashes of spontaneous thought that are done apparently without relating to facts or logic. Etc."

Psychologist Carl Jung refers intuition as an essential psychological function like thinking, feeling and sensing.

The divining power of intuition comes from our inner self. In what it relates to understanding human situations, our intuition allows for a very rapid processing of bits of information that are stored in our subconscious. Those bits of information are verbal and body language signals that we have learned in the past to have a meaning and allows us to predict the actual and future behavior of people towards us and others. The most remarkably learning period where those bits of information accumulate is our childhood where we related to our parents and other people. At those early years of life our mind is free of prejudice and other distorting systems of thoughts that impedes us to fully understand the human behavior in an objective way.


By example, our gut feeling may avert us towards trusting somebody's words. What may occur in our inner mind is the perception of the face expressions, hands movement, voice inflections, breathing, entire body language, as indicating something at stake while that person communicate to us that have not been revealed to us. This may come as a conclusion that comes from many pieces of information where similar situations with our parents or their acquaintances showed through their body and verbal signals, or from more recently learned experiences with other people.

The above explained happens in many situations where some person attempts to make us do something he/she knows we do not want to do. In other words, to some degree the other person may be trying to use us for some purpose that if revealed it would not be helped by us.

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If the gut feeling trapping that situation comes without you prejudging that person from before it came to your mind, that gut feeling ought to be considered to foretell what may result negatively for you after trusting that person at the present moment. Otherwise, it would be much more conductive to a an understanding that later will likely prove wrong.

The important thing to consider to judge our gut feeling is that it must come as all of a sudden, as if when something catches us by surprise. In the above case, if somebody have told you that the person talking to you is not trustable, you have better disregard your gut feeling because the understanding of the emotions spelled through the verbal and body language signals pointing to an assumed intention will not come without expecting them. In this case what you imagine about that person will not allow for a fully objective processing of the signals we have referred. Many of those signals will be interpreted in a biased way, rather defensively. In this latter case, the analysis of the facts will prove much more helpful than our gut feeling towards understanding the real intention of the other person.

Should you always trust your gut feeling? Not. Unless you would have to do a quick decision, you had better let time show the truth and decide later. And if there are hard facts you have at hand, you had better be guided by them. The purpose of your gut feeling is to replace the unknown, not what is already known in your mind.

Unfortunately, we cannot command our gut feeling to use it at will. It just surfaces spontaneously when certain circumstances are present. This is fully valid to divine the human situations that we encounter.

How can you test your gut feeling? Maybe this is where the divining tools come into place in a very helpful way. The Tarot, Astrology and other divining tools show character traits in you and another person, conscious and subconscious issues, influencing the human situations you face and can point to resulting future outcomes depending on your decisions. Note that the divining tools help to explore into the situations you face towards some conclusions.

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