Abusive Relationships:
Sexual Use Occurring as a Subtle Way of Abuse?

This article on abusive relationships deals with a common concern some of my readers want to see from the point of view of divining relationships where this type of situations is suspected: If my partner is using me for sexual pleasure, without attachment feelings, how can I know this way of sexual abuse happens to me? If so, how to handle this situation? Is there some sexual healing by esoteric means to help victims of this emotional abuse? What are the signs to look for when we suspect of this type of sexually abusive relationships with or without subtle ways of showing itself: body language, verbal communication, behavior, distancing, social space, etc?

Unfortunately this is a situation that many people may be facing: the lack of feelings of one partner toward the other in a relationship. How can you avoid that? How can you prevent going deeper into a relationship that has no fundamental or solid grounds?

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Many people have said to me "it is too late, I already fell in love for this person". Let me tell that it is never too late to stop something that you can only regret later on. Eventually, if not from the beginning, your inner mind will alert you that this is not a genuine relationship and that you will suffer emotionally, feel empty and alone, and somehow your mind will require a healing for the emotional scars this type of abuse leaves on people.

Of course, you cannot totally trust yourself when this human situation is suspected. Some questions have to be responded to figure out the chances on whether this sexual abuse suspicion has a solid ground or not. The hard facts of life can prove this type of suspicion as false after a break up or after a period of conflictive emotional situations brought up by it.

How can you avoid that? Divining with the Tarot cards and using psychic methods will help you to avoid this type of relationship before they even start, and, if you are already involved with someone like that, with their help you can end this type of fake relationship without suffering or hurting your feelings, or see if the suspicion of being used does not to apply to the person in question.

If we can control our emotions and feelings over any type of relationships, then we can come as winners at the end. This is not a difficult thing to do once your mind is prepared.

My psychic methods will help you to find good opportunities regarding love and reject those where the partner is only using you for sex or for another purpose that is incompatible with an emotionally healthy relationship.

Any person who uses his or her partner for sex only is just set for a temporary relationship because the person will get bored, tired, and most likely will find another relationship. How can you handle this after that? There is no good reason for a person to like a relationship like that . If you are right now in this situation, want to clarify your doubts over your actual relationship, or feel there is a repeated pattern that makes you fall into this negative situation, I can help you to gain control of your life and find the right person for you.

The emotional scars that this type of human relations inflicts can bring future relationship problems for the victim because his/her ability to realistically trust another person as love couples becomes rather impaired by the fear of falling again in the same subtle way of abuse characterized by the manipulation of feelings that makes the presence of the problem as if it were not there.

Let's show you that to find the real soul mate in this life is something that can be achieved for everyone of us.

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