Deep Readings

Psychic Erika will send you an email with an estimate based on the fees below. If you prefer to pay now, check the fees that apply to the number of questions you did:

Tarot, Palmistry, or both: US $20 each question
Full Past Lives Reading: US $60.00 flat rate
Spiritual-Psychic Healing Reading: US $80.00 flat rate
Psychic Methods: Negotiable Upon Each Case

The e-mail with your personal data and question(s) you sent will be responded with an estimate in case you do not proceed with the payment. If the use of Past Lives, Spiritual Healing or other psychic method applies to your case this will be suggested to extend the reading. In case that you just want an estimate for the tarot or palmistry or look for a special Spiritual Healing or Past Lives Interpretation help, do not enter the payment, you will receive an e-mail with the fee that applies to your situation. If in doubt about the payment, do not send it and wait for the e-mail reply with the estimate.



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