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FOR PAYMENTS - Psychic Erika Readings

How to hire a paid email reading with Psychic Erika? For readings whose cost is US$20 or more, you have to send your concerns first to Psychic Erika so she can can reply you offering a reading for a cost that is negotiable usually between US$20 and US$80. For the US$3 surface readings, you just fill a form to send your questions or concerns and once a US$3 payment with PayPal appears you con execute your US$3 payment. Note that the US$3 surface reading will be restricted to what is explained here.

What is my Delivery Time?Negotiated before payments are done. It usually is less than 48 hours once the payment is done.

What Refunds are done? Will be issued only if a wrong payment is done or the paid reading could not be done within the time frame negotiated before the payment and if you do not accept an extension of the delivery time after the delay is notified.

How are Invoices issued? You can ask for an email invoice directly from Psychic Erika. Note that most readings are paid with PayPal and you will receive a PayPal payment notification you can use as an invoice. If the payment is done with other means, you will also receive your invoice with the information you supplied to the payment merchant (MoneyGram, Western Union, by example.) If you send a Money Order or Cash you will receive an email invoice from Psychic Erika anyway.

How secure our online payments are? Your payments are done to PayPal,
an internationally recognized firm for their secure payments on the Internet. Your credit
card, debit card, phone and check information is
not sent to me nor to JFINTERNATIONAL
(the domain name handling my site.)
Do I pay directly to you or to PayPal? Your payment go directly to PayPal, not to
me ( Psychic Erika ). Once everything is OK, then I am allowed to collect your payment.
How can I contact PayPal? You can locate their help screens.
To access PayPal: https://www.paypal.com
What credit cards/debit cards are accepted by PayPal? Visa, Mastercard, American
Express, Discover, Diners Club,EnRoute, JCB.
Can I pay by check or money order? Provided that your check account is USA based, you can
pay electronically with Paypal. For money orders, just US$ or $Cdn money orders are accepted.How many days to wait for the checks to clear? 4 o 5 business days with PayPal,
How do I know my payment went through? You will see a screen showing that you sent a
payment to JFINTERNATIONAL on behalf of Psychic Erika, and will soon receive an email from
those services as a proof of your purchase. I will receive an email from those services stating
that you did a payment and also your payment will appear as completed in my screen access.

What if something goes wrong?
Just let me know to <psychic.erika@jfinternational.com> email.
If a wrong payment is done, I will refund it. If you have any other inquiry, just send it to me.
I cannot pay by credit card/debit card or check, what can I do? You can still pay by Western
Union, MoneyGram or send a money order; just let me know to <psychic.erika@jfinternational.com> e-mail.
How can I find the conversion rate of my country currency into US$? You can visit a currency
exchange Internet site. The one I use is the following: < http://www.xe.com/currencyconverter/



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