Love Card or Lovers Card:

Love Card: How the Tarot Helps to Explore Your Relationship Situations

The tarot card displays can reveal important aspects of any area of your life path. The relationship situations mean one of those areas. In the Tarot one revelation about your relationship life path leads to another and so on. In that way a psychic see some things you need to do better in your life.

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The tarot symbols allow to explore hidden aspects of your mind by looking upon the tarot cards display results. Love card displays are shown in the examples below.

There are many combinations resulting after shuffling the tarot cards. For what we are concerned now, relationships, we will see, in general, how the Love Card helps to see into love relationships.

The Lovers figures in the Love Card represents the three levels of the mind, the three selves. The man relates to the conscious mind, the woman relates to the subconscious and the angel to the Oversoul or Divine Mind. This card when related to the other cards after shuffling can open useful relationship clues to explore.

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Let's take a look at your Oversoul mind represented by the Angel. This part of your mind holds your standards to judge what is good or bad, right or wrong, ugly or beautiful, acceptable or not, etc. In terms of relationship, every one of us have those standards influencing in some important degree what our life path relationship is likely to be. When you find your Oversoul standards for a long term relationship accomplished, it means that you will be willing to continue in the relationship. If your relationship partner feels in the same way, the long term duration of the relationship has a good indication. The relationship will likely continue until something occurs that makes a conflict with the Oversoul standards. By example, when infidelity occurs, this fact can completely change the way the other person is perceived in terms of sincerity standards. Will still the offender fall within the minimum sincerity standards of the other? If not, it will be just a matter of time for the relationship to end or turn itself for the worst, unless the offender can communicate feelings, or it occurs something special, leaving the sincerity standards of the other satisfied at its minimum terms at least.

In terms of looking at love relationships the three selves represented in the love card somehow determines the who, when, where, when, why and how of your love relationship situations. The infidelity example help to show how your subconscious mind might be conflicting with your Oversoul mind making little room for a relationship to succeed. The unsatisfied sincerity standards of the offended partner might move negative feelings and perceptions at subconscious levels making the worst scenarios for relationships to survive.

Following with the example about the Love Card, for the affected person, the Tarot can explore possibilities suggested by the symbol displays. By example, if one of the cards combination suggest a reason for the other person to be unhappy in the relationship indicating that the infidelity has little to do with lacking sincerity in the relationship and if what is shown moves some hunch of usefulness in the case, he/she had better to see further into it to disclose what might be hidden and limiting the relationship success. Or, if what is suggested appears as greed influencing the motives of the other person to be within the relationship and this arises a hunch of being something worth to explore, then some other things about the other person can be brought with the tarot displays until a solid conclusion appears; it might become clear that the Oversoul of the partner does not have moral codes strong enough to impede a relationship driven by greed.

By going into the three levels of your mind the Tarot can throw light about who or what is the type of person likely to be your soul mate, by the present or in the future, and the kind of conscious and individual approach to handle, hold and find a healthy relationship and also show the type of relationship that is not likely to work for you.


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