Tarot and Palmistry: Divining your Life Path

This article deals with the use of Tarot and Palmistry as divining tools to tell about someone's life path.

Tarot cards:

The Tarot cards are just a tool I use to help expand my own awareness of things. They cannot be taken literally. By example, if a Death or Hanged Man card is chosen, it does not mean death is imminent for you nor for someone around you. All the cards are symbols and those particular symbols mean you have finished one area of your life and are now ready to move on to another new phase. It can mean a positive outcome or influence. Obviously, it is up to me to interpret the cards in the most helpful way possible. That is why I need your full name and full date of birth and the questions or questions in concern to give you the most accrued and best reading for you. Never under-estimate how powerful the Tarot cards can be.

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Palmistry relies on tried and tested means of physical evidence for its information; the formations of a hand. However, where it becomes a most powerful psychic tool is when I add my psychic skills to that information, and can then offer a much more detailed and thought-provoking reading. Palmistry relates also to astrology. The palm areas are designated as mounts which are then named according various planets. By example, the wedding ring finger is aligned with Apollo, the Sun God. The metal associated to the Sun is gold and it is said the place of the ring is there because a line of energy runs from the same finger directly toward the heart. The palm contains each person life history and also reflects the present and future.

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More into Psychic Issues

There are many persons that disapprove of psychic development and believe it to be harmful. Sometimes you can even see them as detractors that speak on behalf of themselves and the organizations they belong to. They have every right to express their opinion and should be heard.

However, whatever their point of view is, true psychic work means loving and nurturing, being more aware of everyone and everything around you, and harmonizing with others.

It is about gathering a deep understanding of people and the world, and getting into levels of love and compassion that goes beyond the material world. It is about abandoning our own ego and seeing beyond our present earth situation and into a possible future of heightened awareness and peace. It means true self-discovery. It means letting go of stress and anger.

Can this be dangerous or harmful? Who is dangerous and harmful for? Only you can answer that question for yourself.

Everyone is psychic. This sentence deserves emphasizing. Everyone is psychic. Being psychic is not a special gift of a chosen few; it has nothing to deal with intelligence, color or creed, social status. And no one is prepared to handle this experience without some previous time to prepare as a first step. It cannot be rushed. I can help you to expand your thoughts to help you to enhance your life for the better.

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