Tarot Cards Meaning, Its Divining And Transforming Power

This article touches the development of the Tarot concepts and practice and its relation with open perceptions, divining and its transforming power.

When we examine the divining content of any particular Tarot card we look for what is behind the symbolic pictures on it.

The Tarot Cards have been developed from hundreds of years of practice, mysticism, investigation and discovery to explore into the subconscious. This developed into patterns that can be understood by our conscious selves.

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Today the tarot cards meaning can be clearly related to the subconscious aspects of the human mind. The existence of the subconscious is something rather recently discovered and proved as being the other aspect of our mind. Both, the conscious and subconscious mind coexists to form our entire mind.

Before the subconscious was scientifically revealed by Sigmund Freud, the only clue of its existence came from the contradictory behavior and way to feel and think that people experience. Those who thought that the difference must have been explained by the existence of another influence in our mind, an occult part of the mind, had advanced perceptions for their times. Maybe those perceptions were too advanced and felt as too dangerous for pointing to the possibility of changing our destiny.

Since ancient times some of the people who had open perceptions dared to venture into using the Tarot to know more about the occult, for them and others, and consequently were able to predict the future of people by seeing into the occult part of the mind.


We know now this occult part of the mind as the subconscious mind, and this finally came to be known and proved scientifically for the benefit of humanity. A further and more recent discovery into what formerly was understood as the occult, is what relates to the differences in the left and right brain hemispheres that explain the sexes behavior and ways to think in a number of important aspects.

We do not know how many lives did cost the practice and development of the Tarot and other psychic methods to divine and change our destiny. We just know that during certain epochs, like the Dark Ages or Middle Ages, the irrational behavior and irrational way to think of people was something predominant and many times the social codes of entire nations did not accept other ways than those. No wonder people with open perceptions towards the occult part of the mind were not accepted by the masses and authorities, they were seen as people to fear from because of the "evil", the unknown or any other reason brought by ignorance and the fears it instills. The burning of witches are extreme cases of the like. Anyway, its symbols reminds us of that epoch. It must be for a reason.

If there was an epoch where the occult part of the human mind showed itself with extremely evident manifestations was the one belonging to the Dark Ages in Europe and other similar epochs in other continents of this planet. Maybe this and other divinatory methods development owes a great deal to this epoch.

By revealing the occult side of people's mind, this divinatory tool allows to see certain patterns that are likely to happen in a person life path and also can reveal how to change them. That's its divining and transforming power.

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