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Translations Quality:our translations are done by native Spanish speakers with at least 20 years in their home country, at least 10 years living in Canada, holding some University degree compatible with your requirements. We do Spanish into English translations as well as Spanish into English ones. If there is no translator available specialized in your required translation field or your documents nature does not allow us assuring you the highest quality translation, we will inform you this immediately. All translations are systematically revised by another translator with similar competence. We focus our quality translations including both universal Spanish language and localization for more than 20 different Spanish speaking countries.

Localization:proper translation -- precisely, localization -- of translation projects takes much more than using some dictionary, or even natives from Spanish-speaking countries. It requires deep understanding about regional slangsandsensibilities belonging to your target people within those different Latin American markets south of the border plus for those within US Hispanic groups scope. The process of localization goes beyond mere translation. Thus, effectively localizing media products, means that it is essential to have complete knowledge along with understanding on all demands, limitations, and intricacies of the target audience. One thing is translate written documents, another is localize them, say, a Web site, an interactive CD-ROM, or video. So, if you have an existing product that must be translated and/or localized...or if you are starting to develop a project that will eventually require to localize for Spanish-speaking audiences, contact us as soon as possible. We can save you time, money, including many headaches. Of course, we localize in one way: English to Spanish. We have extensive experience translating and localizing a wide variety of media projects. We can put this expertise to work in your favor.

Some translation types that need an audience-focused localization are those for: television advertising, radio, newspapers, the Web; television programs such as series, mini-series, animated specials, soap operas, documentaries, corporate videos; films like movies, screenplays, subtitling, overdubbing, movie trailers, corporate films; music industry productions (songs); books, including fiction and nonfiction (non-technical); magazines, newsletters, which contain articles, editorials, letters.


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