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Estimates: we will provide you an estimate before beginning the translation assignment. Costs are determined by a word count of the source document (the document in English requiring translation) and rate per translated word. Roughly, your translation cost per word would likely fall between 4 and 18 cents US depending on translation difficulty, volume and turnaround time; let us discuss your specific needs and rate by phone, fax or e-mail. For interpreting, the charges vary between 25 and 45 US$ an hour.

The minimum charge of 4 US cents correspond to translations of casual text (non technical) not requiring special localization or language adaptation to a particular country or region or group of people and not requiring special typesetting, with over 5000 words to translate.

The 18 cents US maximum charge, including proofreading and typesetting, corresponds to technical documents needing a specialized professional in the field plus localization. By example, documents requiring an engineer with several years experience in Mining Projects to prepare it for a Chilean audience requiring the name of government offices according with their Chilean names.

All fees are negotiable.

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