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English Spanish translations is our focus. Also, where there is no imperative need of a native English translator, we translate into English. Our freelance translators handle projects of several varieties and sizes, from business cards to technical manuals, including advertising's latest innovation, Web Pages. Our translators can manage with most projects that you may have. If you wish, make an inquiry into presenting your project to translate: simply contact us by phone, fax, or electronic mail with information about your project and a request an estimate; we'll respond by fax or electronic mail, detailing the translation costs, and also giving you an approximate time frame for completion.

Who we are: freelancers, English-Spanish language translators, Canadian Citizens, Latin American native speakers.

Quality: if there is no English to Target Language available who specializes in your required field, or the document nature does not allow us a high quality translation work, this will be informed immediately.

Turnaround Time: if any translation cannot be done within an expected turnaround time we'll tell you within less than 24 hours. Check in the link "Turnaround Time" at your left for further information on turnaround times, number of proofreaders plus translators assigned, volume, plus more.

Fields: business documents, computer manuals, hardware manuals, legal documents, financial documents, media news, general correspondence, technical manuals, literature, history, medicine, etc. Click link for further details about our English Spanish translations

Target Countries: translators available for Mexico, Chile, Spain, Argentina, Peru, Bolivia, Paraguay, Uruguay, Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Cuba, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Panama, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica.

Documents Delivery: all works are produced according client requirements; word- processing software, spreadsheets, database, graphical design software; sent by fax, courier (diskette or hard copy), electronic mail, also by using web page on-line delivery.

Cost Estimates: a quote will be provided before beginning translation assignments. Roughly, most cost per word would fall between 4 to 18 cents US.

Contact us: free estimates, address, online mail, phone and fax


We do more than translate words...We get your message across


In-person interpretation is offered in United States and Canada, plus phone interpretation globally, in both language directions. Upon request by phone, fax or electronic mail, appointments are arranged with one our qualified and certified native speakers. There is a pool of several specialists in many different expertise fields and interpreters able to meet your specific needs for many types of projects including: Business Conferences, Overseas Calls, Trade Conventions, Insurance Claims, Professional Meetings, Scientific Conferences, Legal Depositions, Court Hearings, Client Interviews, Voice-overs, Professional Narration, Transcription Translation.

Also: Web Pages configuration done for optimum search engine traffic and high Internet traffic. We can translate your web site thinking in your virtual visits. There is an additional cost for doing this and the person in charge will be the same owner and web master of this site, Jorge Fernandez. Several aspects of Internet Marketing can be handled by our service so your translated pages reach a maximum targeted audience: keywords selection for search engines positioning, sales copy, web site navigation, inter activity, opt-in configuration, competition reports, financial services, etc. Consult with us for more details about this extra service.

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