Freelance Translators Pool

English to Spanish translations done by native Spanish speakers who are Canadian Citizens


Who we are

We are a free lance translators group specializing in English to Spanish translations. Our team mean linguistics with a passion for both languages, who know not only to adapt your documents for each country culture, but also how to fully match the interests of both translators and clients. In this way we guarantee a smooth completion of your translations within your prescribed turnaround time.

All of us are translators who were born and lived more than twenty years in a Spanish language country before becoming Canadian Citizens in Ontario, Canada, where we've been living for more than 10 years. We have full command of English as second language.

Our rates are very affordable because all payments go entirely to the translators who deal directly with your translation. Our organization, as a virtual company, means no use of a huge facility with big staff and lots of expensive equipment. That's good news for you, because you avoid charges for large overhead expenses.

We do more than translating words...

We get your message across.

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