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Your Zodiac Symbol or Sign may be related to your actual reincarnation and other past lives. The particular ways their Zodiac Symbols touch every individual is very vast and there are many esoteric principles that relate to this theme.

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What comes here about the zodiac symbols throw light on some important past lives and astrological concepts as basic principles to get an understanding of this:

1)The purpose of Reincarnation is to reach a higher spiritual level. Each reincarnation means a chance to learn one or more spiritual lessons. The spiritual lessons will serve to make us better persons in this and the following reincarnations; this means to change our understanding of people and situations in our emotional and intellectual selves so as to make us better souls. This imply a change in one or more of our character traits by changing zodiac symbols accordingly.

2) The influence of the Sun and Planets position at the time of our birth, which is something largely explained by the general zodiac symbols influence at that particular time, shows what type of general personality or character a person will have. The zodiac symbols imply a type of destiny attached to people's character.

3) The time, place, sex and year of birth is chosen by souls in a way that will mirror the patterns of spiritual learning they require to ascend to higher spiritual levels. While choosing the time of birth they also choose what Zodiac Sign will influence their life path towards the needed lessons.


4) Restrictions to the Spiritual Growth. There are multiple particular reasons for a soul to choose a Zodiac Symbol, day, hour, place and year to be born.. And not always this is done with the absolute purpose to achieve more spirituality. There might be other reasons that do not belong to this, but rather to some other purpose related to past life vows, pacts and judgments and other type of fate carried from past lives. By example, a past life love vow may mean for a soul to choose the birth time, sex and place of birth according to the one of the avowed soul mate. Another example are revenge pacts where one or more souls decide the time and place of birth timely after the soul or souls object of the revenge are born. Another example are past life judgments.The souls who choose to restrict their reincarnation purpose to the above different purposes also restrict the timing of their birth time to positions of the Sun and Planets that happen within a rather short time span in earthly terms, that are not as likely to help the superior reincarnation purpose. It is not the same to be born now or after 100 more years in terms of the Sun and Planets relative position. To see more about this you can visit this site:

Zodiac Symbol: Past Lives Concepts Above, Explained

The birth time for superior reincarnation purposes will be mainly chosen to grow spiritually, and this means looking for the help of the Zodiac Symbols that mirrors the patterns of spiritual growth. By example, someone who needs a lesson of poverty in the actual reincarnation may have chosen a birth time where the planets and Sun will tend to breed a character trait that impedes the person to grow rich and makes it harder to stand poverty, and at a time and place where none of the persons of his Karmic Connection would be of help to acquire wealth or an income enough to get by well.


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