Astrology Readings, True or False?

Divining through Astrology takes people's characters largely into account . One good tool, the Zodiac Sign influence based on date and time of birth, allows for clues about people's characters. This helps with particular questions about someone's life path according to the astrology charts. In general, persons taking an astrology reading agree that his or her character is explained by their Zodiac Signs. One problem can come from an interaction with someone else's life path; the astrology charts will not be helpful for cases where another person or persons characters are not consistent with their astrology signs.

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The astrology readings can be of help only when the personal characters pictured in them are about the same as for the Zodiac Signs. Sometimes this is quite erratic, and, of course, the astrology reading results become a false or wrong fortune telling when this is so. Also other psychic tools pose similar problems as the astrology does. The important thing is to see each individual life path in ways consistent with their particular situations, the ones most likely to be true.

My in-depth reading are done mostly by tarot, palmistry, past lives regression, past lives projection, and astrology. The personal feedback is necessary for picturing someone's true situation and figure out what psychic tool results apply. As these tools somehow reveal subconscious issues, the fact that the subconscious issues are very tricky and very conductive to false conclusions must be taken into consideration. Based on this, I suggest to my clients ways to change their actual life path for a more successful one by using psychic methods.

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The Zodiac Signs with its character descriptions do not apply for all persons born under certain sign. Those apply on a percentage of them with surprising accuracy, but not to all, and probably not to most either. You cannot take what the Zodiac Signs say about a person and figure out things about its personality like when psychological tests are used to assess someone else's character. Astrology wise, you have to look further to see if your assumptions are valid or not for a certain person.

Not because your Zodiac Sign describe most aspects of your personality it means it will similarly tell about other people while doing psychic readings. Every person is unique and fortune telling must visualize their life path in an unique way too. Divining through astrology must be done considering this to reach truest projections into someone's life path.

Taking care of all the above an astrological reading can show true conclusions. Otherwise, an the astrological reading is likely to give a false or wrong result.

As your life path has aspects of fate and and karma that have to be taken into consideration while divining, you can press the icon for past lives close to the top left of this page where the main sites are. There you can also access the other psychic tools used to divine your personal situations.

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