Individualizing Your Free Generic Spells: Rituals For Casting, Channeling

An example with the use of objects and rituals of free love spells is shown here. The objects that follow are believed to be attached to our inner mind convictions in ways that commonly help its casting.

Below, you can see how to individually tailor generic spells for an specific person and situation. It is not easy to adapt them to better instill love feelings in the loved one. As the rituals and objects used are not selected upon a particular case, we can compensate for this using our own perceptions to enhance the mental visualizations, phrases and actions to make our desires to happen into reality.

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Love Spells Explained

An example of the use of love spells.- This can be used with the same objects and ritual pattern adding your own tailoring to enhance its effects.

This example of love spells with objects and ritual do not consider a particular personal relationship situation.

Love Spell Objects: a pink candle; avocado oil; a note written in a pink paper with yours and the other person's name at the upper right and bottom left corners of the paper.

Love Spell Ritual: anoint the pink candle with the oil on your index finger and run it from bottom to top and then light the candle until it burns completely and safely. While it burns, visualize you and the other in a happy love action (embracing, kissing, smiling or any other action you wish symbolizing a love action). Look at the names in the paper, then say out as loud as you can:

           We exist for loving each other. 
May the Universe grant our
love for good.

Go out as soon as the candle has burned completely.

To individualize this free love spell by yourself you can monitor your actions with the feedback from the loved person or third persons. You can change the visualization while the candle burns for another consistent with how the relationship is now. If you know the loved one is engaged with another person and your impression is that person is not the one for him/her, then you can visualize him/her sensing the missing compatibility and imagine that you come into the picture as able to fill the gap.

What can the channeling into reality be for this modified spell example? If you take action into reality, your own communication and other actions will be influenced by your inner mind perceptions of the other person and third persons involved in his/her social space to favor the distancing and instill some sort of influence in the loved one for more closeness towards you. The results of love spells may appear as magical by ways the channeling happens, but the magic will really come from your own inner mind focused into your goal thanks to love spells.

Note that for rituals and objects individually tailored you can have the power of the Tarot cards to divine those that are more powerful for you. Just click below and fill the form to send to Psychic Erika to help you with love spells:

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